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    The status may limit for the social post appraisal, a person's social position lies in reflects him and between the overall social organization’s relations. A status word only refers to a person in the sociological significance a specific position which holds in social Orin the association system. The status may limit from many angles. For example: Sex, marriage, age, education level, race, religious belief and occupation and so on. In the daily life, person each other which many is not acquainted with one another can in be orderly and effectiveness situation interacts, mainly is depends on the status the assistance but must my person’s condition. When we meet a stranger, often lies in status under the and so on age, sex and position guidance carries on the dialogue the start, only has after understood this background, we only then knew should use what kind of standard, causes the conversation to continue to carry on. Therefore, in the sociology, "the status" is refers in the social structure "the post", that is decided a person the special position which occupies in the society.

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