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A review of credit card statements for accounts utilized by XXX revealed that she allegedly committed a credit card "bust-out" by running up charges on her credit cards, submitting fraudulent payments for her cards to artificially inflate their credit limits, and then placing additional charges on those cards.


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    一張由XXX所使用信用卡帳單中顯示, 她據稱犯了信用卡額度灌水案. 她用信用卡刷了很多的費用, 然後假造付款以有意膨脹她的信用額度, 讓她的信用卡可以刷更多的消費.

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    被緊急信號利用的帳戶的信用卡陳述的檢討揭露了她據說犯 , 一個信用卡藉由在她的信用卡的費用上面跑 " 打破-在外 ",為她的卡片送交欺詐的付款人工地使膨脹他們的信用額度,然後放置那些卡片的另外費用。

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