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can u give me different ways to shorten words like......

lol = laugh out loud

idk= i dont know

jc= just chill

also um how do u get rid of pimples?

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    ADN-any day now

    ATM-at the moment


    B4N-by for now

    BB-bye bye

    BG-big grin

    BION-believe it or not

    BK-big kiss

    BTDT-been there, done that

    BTW-by the way


    CB-call back

    CID-consider it done

    CUL8R-see you later


    HUH-have you heard?

    ICCL-i couldn't care less

    KISS-keep it simple, stupid

    LMK-let me know

    MOF-matter of face


    NAGI-not a good idea



    No1-no one


    OIC-oh i see

    ONNA-oh no! not again

    OTT-over the top

    PAL-parents are listening

    PCM-please call me


    RUOK-are you okay?

    SWAK-sealed with a kiss


    YR-yeah, right!

    my favorite is SWAK

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    There are a GAZILLION of them. I don't use them all but here are a whole bunch you could use (I copied these from a website):


    ? = I don't understand / I have a question

    2G2BT = Too good to be true

    2MI = Too much info (also TMI)

    404 = I don't know

    411 = Tell me the info

    4COL = For crying out loud

    4EAE = Forever and ever

    A3 = Anytime, anywhere, any place

    AAF = as a matter of fact (also AAMOF)

    AAP = always a pleasure

    ADN = any day now

    ADR = address

    AFAIK = as far as I know

    AKA = also known as

    AML = all my love

    AOTA = all of the above

    ASAP = as soon as possible

    A/S/L = age/sex/location

    A/S/L/A = age/sex/location/availability

    ATM = at the moment

    AYOR = at your own risk

    AYSOS = are you stupid or something?

    AYTMTB = and you're telling me this because...?


    B/F = boyfriend

    B4 = before

    B4N = bye for now

    BB = be back

    BC = because (also b/c)

    BF = best friend

    BFF = best friend forever

    BFD = big freakin' deal

    BIF = before I forget

    BION = believe it or not

    BLNT = better luck next time

    BM&Y = between me and you

    BOL = best of luck

    BOOMS = bored out of my skull

    BRB = be right back

    BRT = be right there

    BTDT = been there, done that

    BTW = by the way

    There are so, so much more for every letter and number and symbol of the alphabet but I was tired of copying and pasting so check out this site, they're loaded:

    TTYL, HTH!

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    btw = by the way

    w/o = without

    tngt = tonight

    btwn = between

    ily = i love you

    ive = i have

    omg = oh my god

    jk = just kidding

    ur eta = your estimated time of arrivel

    plz = please

    wtf = what the f*ck

    idk = i dont know

    idc = i dont care

    ttyl = talk to you later

    sys = see you soon

    asap = as soon as possible

    b4 = before

    lil = little

    kno = know

    2b = to be

    as for the pimple go get a facial

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    to get rid of pimples there is no cure for pimples. but there are temporarily ways to get rid of them the only thing is to continue using the product. Make sure to cleanse, tone and moisturize twice a day and everyday. Cleansing gets rid of dirt and other debris. Toning closes your pores because pores produce oil. Moisturising keeps moisture in so you don't breakout. out what skin type you are first and then try get a product like this.

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    ily=i love you

    brb=be right back

    hyf-ha your funny

    su-shut up

    g2g=gotta go

    ttyl=talk to ya later

    y.a.-your annoying

    thats about it!

    um buy Clean and Clear's AcneBGone you can get it at longs or rite aid it works freaking well

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    I don't think the world has made up abbr. 4 them yet.And try using liquid Neutrogena.Just put it on and leave it on

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    pimples take there time and

    idrc=i dont really care



    nm=nothing much


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    WTF-what the ****

    BRB-be right back

    lmfao-laugh my ******* *** off\

    g2g- gotta go

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    k -- ok

    thx -- thanks

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