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Wrongful termination lawyer needed?

After a very long interview and security process, I was hired on February 27th to become the Business Development Director for a division of a $300 million company. On April 27th I was informed that I was being terminated due to bad sales performance by the division for the previous 6 quarters. In the interview process and throughout I was never informed as to the condition of the division and all financials are reported on a corporate level rather than by division. I gave up two other offers to work for this company. They have offered severance and to pay for two months Cobra. Is this a wrongful termination? What should I expect by way of severance? I believe they should be liable for at least a year's salary due to their misrepresentation of their financial position ("we have $200 milllion in the bank") and the fact that I gave up two very good opportunities to work for other companies based on their misrepresentation. Should I seek a lawyer or take what they offer?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Wrongful Termination at Sam's Club 6625/San Fernando CA 91340


    You do NOT have to agree or accept any or all on this site or the blogs


    Samuel Moore Walton "Mr Sam, Helen Robson Walton "Mrs Walton, and James Lawrence Walton "Bud" , and Thomas M Coughlin, a protoge of Mr Sam, even though he did some wrong nevetheless, but lost because of the Code of Silence and the fear that all associates have of the powerful Legal Division of Wal Mart Stores, Inc.

    The FBI's Cyber Division knows the password of this site and CAN deliberately DELETE it, accidentally leak it or sell it.

    There are still FBI Agents that will defend and uphold the US Constitution even if it means questioning their orders and superiors. I respect them as I have met some, but I am glad that I never asked for their names.


    Wrongful Termination at Sam's Club 6625 at San Fernando California 91340

    William Gregory Lang or Bill Lang wants to transfer to a Sam's Club in Colorado as soon as possible. Mr Lang used to be trusted by Me who made the mistake of telling him everything before the Termination on Monday, 23 April 2007.

    Mr Lang is a decent and the Waller Family will pray for everyone that is against Me

    Team Lead Ambrosio Galvan also knows a lot of dirty secrets at Sam's Club 6625, but is nervous about losing his job if he sides with Me

    Sam's Club PD-57 Investigation/Supsention was NOT adhere to by Club Manager Fidel Jacobo and Membership Manager Esperanza Lopez. No documentation of any complaints and the San Fernando Police Department or the Los Angeles Police Department ever showed for a "Work Place Violence."

    Please show proof since one complaint and one video tape does NOT establish workplace violence. Neither Mr Jacobo or Ms Lopez wanted to sign the papers of any meeting between two managers and I for Legal Documentation. No meetings to address any potentail problems at the Tire and Battery Center were brought up by the Team Lead or Management.

    The Waller Family will pray for everyone that is against Me

    Max Rafael Waller, formerly Assoc ID 0035 and Operator 007 proudly serving since Tuesday, 13 November 1990 - Monday, 23 April 2007 and only needed about nine years to do a minimal of twenty-five years to retire from Wal Mart Stores, Inc. I was one hundred percent vested in Profit Sharing and had a one month vacation allocated per year.

    I am a share holder Wal Mart Stores, Inc stock. He has about 11 shares so he has vested interest. Also at the time of the termination.

    No meetings to address any potentail problems at the Tire and Battery Center were brought up by the Team Lead or Management.

    As of Monday, 9 April 2007, the people of the Tire Shop are playing pranks and making it appear as if I was becoming forgetful such as the misplacement of tools and personal safety gear. The suspects are Erick Miron and Mark Castro. Esperanza Lopez was told and never had a meeting to discuss the topics brought to her attention by Me.

    Manager Esperanza Lopez was asked to verify this by reviewing the Surveillance video tapes and my request was not honored. Esperanza Lopez, Memebership Manager, was told about the pranks about two weeks ago but no meeting to difuse or address serious matters was conducted.

    Miguel P Herrera might had spread misinformation but is only a suspect.



    Sam's Club 6625

    12920 Foothill Blvd

    San Fernando California 91340



    December 2006 Mehmet Ekinci {A Hatchet Man and sent to "clean House" is no longer there but in Fresno according to Mr Jason Fastner} said that he was replacing everyone in the tire shop or its proper title: Tire and Battery Center according to Jeff Lopez{no longer work there} and Mark Castro{has recanted}and Bill Lang heard indirectly but will deny it. Max Rafael Waller studied all of Wal-Mart policies and found that if that his remark {INTIMIDATION} could be verified then he would get a coaching for making such a remark. The others are scared to tell the truth.

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  • hr4me
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    I would initially say they are being generous in offering you a severance at all since you have only held the position for about 60 days. Were you told that the first 90 days were an introductory period where you could be let go? Whether or not you had other offers is not a legal defense. I understand that it doesn't seem fair that they are terminating you in such a short period of time, for results that happened before you got there. I would sit down with some one from H.R. or give them a call and ask if there are other performance issues or personal issues that led to their decision to terminate your employment as you had not worked for them for 6 quarters.

    It doesn't sound like wrongful termination, just a situation where they feel it was not working out between you and the company, not meeting their expectations, and they are trying to be kind to you by offering you severance and COBRA. Besides, I would bet you are in an at-will state which means that they can terminate the employment relationship with you at-will, with or without notice. Re-read your employee handbook or other documents they may have given you to see if that is stated in there. Most companies would not offer you any kind of severance after only 60 days of work.

    Best to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and hit the job hunt circuit again.

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  • 4 years ago

    Your possibilities of prevailing something are very low, and a criminal professional isn't possibly to take it on contingency. once you're interior the U. S., you have been an worker at will which ability you do not could desire to have executed something incorrect for them to fireside you, and "wrongful termination" is basically approximately non-existent. the place are you? In some places your verify could desire to be available interior a undeniable time that's decrease than basically the subsequent payday. once you're in a style of states, you're able to be able to desire to be able to get some repayment for that, yet not sufficient to pay a criminal professional. rfile it on your state dept of hard paintings. Your ultimate flow is to easily flow on. i could pass forward and practice for unemployment for the time till you come across a clean interest. You very possibly would be denied, yet could desire to get authorized - nicely worth a attempt.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    In California, under the state labor laws, it is legal for an employer to terminate an employe for any reason or no reason at all, so long as the reason is not an illegal reason. In California, an employer cannot discriminate or harass an employee, among other factors, based on age. It is advisable to speak with a California employment attorney who can determine if you have a strong case of age discrimination and wrongful termination. Meanwhile, it is also advisable to maintain a record of correspondence between you and your employer which can aid your legal case.

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