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what are the differences between ligaments and tendons?

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    Tendons are connective tissue that connect muscles to bone. Ligaments are elastic connective tiissue that attach bones together so that the articulating surfaces make proper contact.

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    A ligament is a piece of cartilage that holds two bones together and absorbs shock. Tendons anchor muscles to the bones.

    Source(s): textbook
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    Ligaments attach bone to bone and hold joints together. Tendons attach muscles to bones and other parts. Both are connective tissue

    Source(s): Tabers, Paramedic reference
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    Tendons attach Muscles to Bone= TMB

    ligaments attach muscle to muscle and other things but never bone

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    Ligaments hold joints together. Tendons hold muscle together.

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    ligaments connect two or more bones/joints together

    tendons connect muscle to bone

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