Are Muslims so hard to conquer because they have the power of Prayer ?

Rabbi Frand points out additionally that the Ishmaelite are armed with a potent weapon, a supreme weapon --the power of prayer. After all, Ishmael is born as a result of the power of prayer. The angels tell Hagar (Genesis 16:11) --- "Hee'nach harah v'ya'ladet ben," behold you are going to bear a child, "Kee sha'ma Hashem et ahn'yaich," for G-d has heard the cry of your travail. In the wilderness of Paran (Arabia), Ishmael himself is saved by the power of prayer and granted a miraculous spring of water. Genesis 21:17, "Kee sha'ma Elokim et kol ha'na'ar," G-d heard the cries of the infant (Ishmael), the angel tells Hagar.

Muslims pray with zeal--five times a day. They are willing to march for thousands of miles to visit Mecca and Medina in order to show their commitment to prayer.

Jewish texts about the first son of Abraham, state from the veses in Genesis (which were revealed hundreds of years before the Quran) that the Ishmaelite will be a “perah adam, a wild man, a free man”.

Modern commentators now interpret the above as : They will constantly raise their hand against all other men who have authority. As if freedom is the only honor. They will forever be “men who kick like wild donkeys against those who come to shackle them”. They will be the most difficult people on earth to conquer and oppress, but the perfect people to entrust with a divine message.

These verses were written in the Old Testament long before the New Testament and the Quran. They describe the first son of Abraham, named Ishmeal, from his second wife Hagar.


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  • Fred
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    1 decade ago
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    POwer Of Prayer, or poop. Good one.

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    But you can say that about anybody that has a strong believe on anything. All but a few countries are that way. The frensh seem to do the exact opposite. Then again look at the frensh revolution. They decapitated their king. That was something that was unheard of even till today. I mean not by their own people and by such a great majority.

    People tend to stick with their own kind. Their own kind being other people that share a same language, culture and belief system. Note that belief system may not necceserily means religion but most of the time it is. When some outsider comes in and try to oppress them most people would fight back. It all depends on how bad the opression is. The are really hard opresions and mild opresion. Mild meaning, is bad but not to the point where everyone wants to revolt. That region of the world is always in constant battle. This is because there are not only conflicts of interest as in money, land issues, the usual, but also there is a religious conflict. In that part of the world not fighting peple different from your religion could literaly mean that once the perpetrators take over you will not longer be able to practice your belief. Contrast this to the rest of the world like the good old U.S.A. If you don't like one religion you are more than welcome to join any of the 1,000 others available without fear of geting your head blown off. So, yeah, ofcourse they are going to fight to the death.

    Also, we are not trying to opress them. Just either help them or take their oil depending on which camp you belong to.

  • Steven
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    That is a nice story but it was a long time ago. Why do you people insist on living in the past.

    Today why they are so hard to conquer is that they are relentless, they want to die and don't mind dieing which they believe gets them into heaven. They love fighting and killing and don't matter how much it hurts other citizens of their own country. They seem to want to find things to fight about.

    Such as Sunni and Shiite? Is the differences between you worth all the lives that have been lost over it?

    Should Saddam have killed all the Kurds over some minor indiscretion? Why does life have so little importance to you?

    You seem to be glad to have a battle with someone.

    They will be forever men who kick the donkeys? In other words, you want to fight at every suposed wrong that may be committed no matter how badly your people suffer?

    No one wants to conquer you or oppress you? But that doesn't seem to stop you from wanting to battle with anyone.

    From the 8 year war you just got out of between Iran and Iraq.

    Afganistan and Russia has been at war like forever.

    What we are interested in knowing what would it take to make you people peaceable or is it even possible?

    I would really like to know.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    First of all, it is only a pop view that the modern Muslims are related to Ishmael. Their own scholars know this isn't the case, but it serves the purpose of uniting a people.

    Secondly, prayer has no power of its own. God is a person, and he does not answer pagans for praying 5 times a day. They worship a cresecent moon god, not the true God of the universe, so they are, in effect, worshipping Satan. Ignorance is what keeps them going. Tell anyone from childhood that they ought to hate others and bomb them in the name of Allah, and you don't get much change from that course.

    Each will be accountable for their own rejection of Christ for the much later false prophet, Mohammed (cursed be his name). If salvation were about nationality and numbers, then they could claim some kind of victory. But it isn't, and Hell will be full of people who worship falsely, and kill people in the name of their murderous deity.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Well, many peoples don't like being conquered, so I don't think that religion or prayer specifically has anything to do with it. The Irish didn't really take to the conquering English and are fighting still, although politically now. They never surrendered totally. I don't think Muslim resistance is anything out of the ordinary.No one has ever conquered the English or the United States, and they have no special prayers.

  • Some Arabs have accepted Jesus Christ as the Messiah. Many, many more would if they were truly free. They will chop your head off if you try to convert out of the Mohammedan religion in Mohammedan countries of the calibre of Saudi Arabia.

    The mohammedan belief system is very plausible, and is a 'broad road', i.e. quite pleasing to man's natural way of thinking. I found the poetry and flattering tone of the Koran quite appealing to my 'lower nature', when I read it, and obviously Mohammed was a self-confident figure, which is always attractive. An element of intimidation means it takes a man of noble heart and courage to break out from it.

  • 1 decade ago

    No. Because they have the power of satan / antiChrist behind them. Very simple. The Jewish people are the Original Chosen people of God. Christ began the new covenant between man and God. There are NO OTHERS. Period.

    Mohammed wrote the Quran 300 yrs after Christianity and does NOT predate Jewish nor Christian texts. Mecca and Medina are chosen citys of Mohammed - not chosen by God.

    Allah and God are not one & the same. There is only ONE TRUE GOD [Creator of the Universe /Jewish & Christian God], and the False god of Mohammed - Allah, the "Moon God" that he chose from multiple gods of that were worshiped during that era.

    Sorry, Charlie.

    050207 4:19

    Source(s): You go! AMA A - YOU GO, GIRL! YEAH!!!!! RIGHT ON THE MARK!
  • jay k
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    1 decade ago

    We aren't trying to conquer them so how would we know if they are hard to conquer? Typically any people fighting on their own land usually have much more zeal, inspiration, and knowledge of the terrain. All are huge advantages. However if the power of prayer was that strong wouldn't they be getting what they prayed for as opposed to "being hard to conquer?"

  • 1 decade ago

    Muslims are vigorous in their worship and dominate their lives with rituals that denies self and promotes God. To them it is a great thing to die for Allah. Some extremists find glory in killing to promote their cause. This willingness to die is why they are tough to battle. Self sacrifice and not self preservation and the religious belief makes them difficult to battle. The middle east will never have peace. This is the great confrontation that leads to the Lord's return.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    dont believe a word of ishmalites, they r not real muslims, they dont believe of women wearing scarves on their heads and they pray 3 times a day.

    i wudnt be surprised if they believed in the holy trinity.

    and sorry i dont understand ur quesiton

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