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How is the Tesla electric car business going? What's the latest?

We need more guys like this:

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    Tesla has come to my home town, Detroit, looking for automotive engineering talent. They are setting up shop here to design their next vehicle, an affordable electric family sedan. I seriously hope it rocks!


    The Phoenix is another exciting EV. Using new battery technology, it gets up to 250 miles per charge, can travel at 95mph with a full cargo load, charges in only TEN minutes, and has a battery life of 250,000 miles. It costs about half what the Tesla costs (but is only being sold for fleet use right now. ) Link:



    Source(s): I'm an EV driver. More on cheap EVs:
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    they sold out their fist run really fast and are taking orders right now for the next ones. but it still may take a year to get one. sick cars though

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    I want one. Too bad they're 90k :(

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