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why are traffic lights red, green, amber?

some countries don't have amber or green, but just red

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    green - go

    YELLOW - slow down

    red- stop

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    Flashing amber is discovered at a Pelican Crossing. It ability you could proceed yet on condition that the crossing is sparkling. you should no longer commence to emphasize off if it starts to flash with human beings on the crossing. you'll fail your attempt in case you do. with the help of ways i'm contained in the united kingdom, this answer applies to the site visitors lights contained in the united kingdom. EDIT: contained in the united kingdom we've 3 significant kinds of crossing. A pelican crossing is a site visitors mild managed pedestrian crossing. A puffin crossing is resembling a pelican crossing although the pedestrian lights are on the area of the site visitors mild pole and there is not any flashing amber mild. Then there's a zebra crossing so reported as because of its black and white progression on the line. vehicles ought to furnish way once someone steps onto the crossing if it crosses the line with no critical reservation. If with a critical reservation vehicles might want to give way once someone steps onto the part of the crossing that impact your area of the line

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