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Does the Bible say why Muslims (Ishmaelites) are so hard to Conquer ?

The Romans and Greeks could never do it……

1-----After Abraham had lived ten years in the land of Canaan, Abram's wife Sarai took Hagar the Egyptian, her maid, and gave her to her husband Abram as HIS WIFE. -- GENESIS 16:3

2------So Hagar bore Abram a son; and Abram called the name of HIS SON, whom Hagar bore, ISHMAEL. - GENESIS 16:15

Rabbi Frand points out additionally that the Ishmaelite are armed with a potent weapon, a supreme weapon --the power of prayer. After all, Ishmael is born as a result of the power of prayer. The angels tell Hagar (Genesis 16:11) --- "Hee'nach harah v'ya'ladet ben," behold you are going to bear a child, "Kee sha'ma Hashem et ahn'yaich," for G-d has heard the cry of your travail. In the wilderness of Paran (Arabia), Ishmael himself is saved by the power of prayer and granted a miraculous spring of water. Genesis 21:17, "Kee sha'ma Elokim et kol ha'na'ar," G-d heard the cries of the infant (Ishmael), the angel tells Hagar.

Muslims pray with zeal--five times a day. They are willing to march for thousands of miles to visit Mecca and Medina in order to show their commitment to prayer.

Jewish texts state that the Ishmaelite will be a “perah adam, a wild man, a free man”.

Modern commentators now interpret the above as : They will constantly raise their hand against all other men who have authority. As if freedom is the only honor. They will forever be “men who kick like wild donkeys against those who come to shackle them”. They will be the most difficult people on earth to conquer and oppress, but the perfect people to entrust with a divine message.


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    WOW, I'm impressed with this. I feel proud to be a Muslim. Thanks for the info brother.

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    Hey, I'm atheist, but I know that if the bible can supersede the Tanakh, then the Quran can definitely supersede the bible. As for all the christians saying that since Islam came to be hundreds of years after christ died, I say they forget their history. Christianity didn't come around until hundreds of years after Judaeism.

    As far as the bible not being able to predict the coming of Muhummad, well, if they can use passages meant to reassure a king that his bloodline and kingdom would continue as a means to verify the supposed prophesy of the coming of christ, then the Quran is justified in it's use of the bible also.

    As for why they're so hard to conquor, well, they have a better reward awaiting them in Heaven than christians do, so they are more willing to die for their religion. Hey, I'd kill myself to take out a bunch of christians too if I thought I would be 30 forever with the virility of 100 men and there were 72 beautiful virgins awaiting me in the afterlife. What do christians get to do? Sing songs to god, and that's about it. Not much relative incentive to die for your god, now is it?

    p.s. For those who think Israel is protected by god, take a look at history and realize that Israel as known today is a NEW nation. Israel has been destroyed, several times by several nations. Don't be surprised if it happens again.

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    1. The Roman Empire at her peak never had the opportunity. Muhammad hadn't been born yet, much less began his ravings. When Muhammad came along and started his madness, the Eastern Empire, commonly called the Byzantine Empire, was beset by barbarians and plagues while Arabia had little more than barbarians and scrubland to offer. That is hardly a good time to select for "the Roman Empire couldn't do it."

    I assure you, not only would Caesar had done it, but he would have burned copies of the Quran to show his dominance after he raped Muhammad's wives. The later Empire was Christian, and thus more restrained. Muhammad would never have gotten off the ground if he fought the old guys.

    2. What does the Muslim world have that we need? It's backwards, barbaric, and uncivilized. It produces nothing but oil. The combined export of the whole Islamic world excluding oil is less than that of Denmark. Frankly, Islamic lands offer neither resources nor culture to justify conquering them and wasting the resources. The oil itself can't pay for it. We spend less paying for it fair. So, there's no incentives to conquer it. It's all backwood.

    The second thing to remember is, like the point in my second paragraph, we are more restrained than that. After our wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, it should be obvious that we could take out any number of Muslim militaries we want with one hand tied behind our back. The only reason the insurgency continues is because we are, again, restrained. The Romans would have decimated a city for an example (selected one out of ten and had them executed, normally by being beaten to death by their comrades), would have lined the streets with crucifixions, leveled cities, and otherwise eliminated the rebels. Al Sadr wouldn't have hidden in a mosque; they would have removed him and crucified him after making him watch it leveled. There would be no insurgency if we were like the Romans (and, I'm glad we aren't).

    The only reason Islamic lands can even be a threat at all, then, is because we lack the will to really conquer it, and because we hamper ourselves with ethics our enemies do not have. If either of these were changed, we would conquer them quite readily. God's promises to Israel didn't prevent this from happening to them, and I assure you, it certainly wouldn't for Ishmael. In fact, in time, they may discover what happens when a non-Christian West finds itself, and I mourn the day in advance.

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    to respond to your question: no, the Bible does not say why Muslims are annoying to beat. in actuality, Muslims did not exist while any of the Bible became into written, and nowhere does the Bible point out them. you are the final option that the Bible information the illegitimate start of Abraham's son Ishmael previous to that of Isaac. you're additionally the final option that particular prophecies have been written approximately Ishmael and his descendants. even with the undeniable fact that, you're incorrect to affiliate those prophecies with the Islamic faith, which itself has no ethnic barriers.

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    Abraham did that because he was a very faithful prophet who do all the things because of Allah.Allah made all the hard things to see how faithful he was.Why do romans and greek could never do it?because they don't have the mision and they can't answer the question 'why should i do that?'but Abraham can simply answer the question 'I do it because of Allah'.He do this and that just for Allah.he didn't have any other intension.Allah is not cruel,because every hardship that He create,they would be reward behind all that.

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    Islam did not start until the 6th or 7th century AD. Ishmael should have received Abraham's birthright since he was his first son. That is one of the founding blocks of Islam.

  • C
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    The Muslims were not around untill 600 years after the death of Jesus, and 200-300 years after competion of the Bible.


  • Anonymous
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    Since Islam arose long after the Bible, it is not possible for the Bible to address the matter in any way.

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    you get it wrong NEWCATHO..the first prophet to guide muslim is Nabi Adam..followed by Nabi. Idris..nabi noh, n. hud, n. salleh, n. ibrahim. n.luth, n.ismail, n. ishak, .......n. yusof...n. musa..n. zakaria, yahya , n. isa..and ended up with the prophet muhammad.He is the leader of all the prophets before..

    islam is existing since the arrival of nabi adam.but most people who do not studying islam with the correct ppl tend to say that islam is existed when muhammad was borned..

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    You said it. Jesus came to Mary by"divine intervention. Ishmael came by divine intervention.

    Jesus and Ishmael are brothers.

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    Israel, 6 million strong, is surrounded by hundreds of millions of Arabs. Yet, everytime the Arabs mess with the Jews they get the snot kicked out of them. Makes you wonder who is really the difficult one to defeat.

    "Jacob I loved, Esau I hated"

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