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Question about NBC ?

NBC threw Don Imus of the air for what was labeled as racist yet they then aired the Virgina Tech gunmans deranged rants and video , yet I don't hear not one person who says NBC should be thrown off the air . Doesn't that bother you because it sure bothers me .

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    Here are a couple of things I know.

    Rosie was tossed because the advertisers pulled the plug, they had received a massive amount of email from consumers saying as long as they advertised on the show and Rosie was on it, they would not buy their products.

    Now assuming you could get the same kind of activity on NBC news, I doubt you could get it pulled, but you might be able to get some changes there for instance in people, those who chose to show the nutcase as an example, you might be able to get the on air talent tossed, you might even get them to quit being so blatantly biased.

    I agree with your point totally, I do not watch the alphabet networks at all because of their bias, but I am one person. I have written to all of the advertisers at one point but since it is only me I gave up and just quit watching them.

    They can be affected if enough people agree, networks respond to ratings and so do advertisers, tell them and tell the advertisers you are done watching them until they change. and get about 2 million other people to as well and change will happen.

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    I've been saying that since that wednesday when they got the tape. They played information that was patently offensive and vulgar between the hours of 9am and 10pm which does go against FCC regulations. I tried to call and complain to the FCC and they told me that it wasnt wrong which is bullshit and quoted me some regulation without the reg number or where I could find it myself. In fact, none of the FCC regulations are available to the general public on their website, which is a violation of the FOI act. Showing that tape or any excerpt of it was in fact patently offensive and I hope someone attacks MSNBC for it.

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    They show the tapes of the killer because it promotes terror and I get called conspiracy nut a lot but I will just throw it out there.

    Government, News, and Terror are......let's just say connected.

    There are many accounts of Navy Seals being ordered NOT to fire on terrorists and someone wrote a book about it. He finally found out why. It was there own guys! Their own govt. controlled some of these "terrorists"! Creepy eh?

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    i dont think that the gunmans rants and video is related with kicking Don Imus. o_O

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    i think they got rid of him because all his sponsors left the show, at least it would make more sense to sack him for that.

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