Best spot for a weekend getaway to Cape Cod?

My fiancee and I are planning a romantic weekend trip to Cape Cod, but we don't know which town to go to. Where are the best tourist spots?


We are looking for a hotel that has a great beach to surf or or go boogie boarding. And we would also love to go whale watching. Would your suggestions (Chatham, Falmouth, and Provincetown) be suitable places to do these things? Also, I should mention that we plan on being there for the 4th of July.

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    I adore Eastham for a peaceful getaway. I really should stop posting about it lol since it's one part of the Cape that is still what made the Cape a wonderful, relaxing getaway without crowds and tourist traps!

    Lighthouse Beach is's part of the National Seashore and is one of the most magnificant beaches in the world, literally. It was ranked in the top 10 in the world. I think it's perfect for a romantic getaway. There are lots of little cottages and suites perfect for couples in that area. The local clam shack is actually much nicer than most and the food is out of this world and there are a few very nice restaurants in the area. And other lovely towns, like Chatham are a fairly easy drive to go visit.

    Now if you want the best tourist spots check out Hyannis. Tons of strip malls, food chains and bars. To me Eastham is a real Cape getaway though (Chatham is nice too...anything upper Cape before Ptown is pretty nice and less fake). And there are all sorts of different boat trips, whale watches etc from just about any part of the Cape (leaving from different ports depending where you go). That is my one nod to a tourist trip worth doing lolol. Hope you have a a lovely time where ever you choose--but this would be mind!

    Here are a few links that might help (you can change the towns on the ones set to Eastham);

    ETA: saw you added more info while I was typing this. I covered the whale watch question but I'd add a thought. If this is 4th of July you need to book like yesterday. It's going to be top dollar and most places worth being at are booked already. If possible try to head down a day or two early or you will spend MANY hours getting down there. Also, don't even think of going w/out a ressie on a holiday weekend.

    Surfing is very variable on the Cape. I'm trying to remember what a friend said but basically it's don't count on it. I think the National Seashore I spoke about has a phone you might call them to ask conditions and suggestions.

    If it was me and a holiday weekend I would consider going to a smaller shore town---have you considered that? Wareham or Plymouth if you want to head that direction, but I'm thinking more like Manchester by the Sea (Singing beach is my personal fav beach in the world, and it's a charming but small town) with a day trip to Rockport and maybe Gloucester. You'll hit traffic everywhere but it will be less insane.

    I was also thinking of suggesting Lands End Inn in Ptown. It's one of the most romantic spots I've ever been to, and since you are bringing your own not sure the gay stuff matters as much lol. But doubt you'll get in there any holiday weekend.

    Good luck and start looking FAST--I can't stress that enough!

    And thought of one more thing. The Cape has the ocean on one side the bay on the other. The ocean is far more active wave wise (and colder), so you might want to keep that in mind.

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    I lived on the Cape most pf my adult life. First, if you're going on July 4th, book NOW! Because many beaches are protected by sandbars, good wave action is rare except during storms. Chatham does have beaches on which people surf and boogie board. In addition to hotels, check capecodonline for information on rentals, and the MLS on the cape handles vacation rentals as well as sales. The Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority has developed a great transit system- check them out online. It's easier to take the jitney buses or trolleys than get lost; they also negotiate traffic better than average. Most towns have fireworks during the holiday--something else to look forward to. Second, (and foremost), have a great time!

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    Chatham (Particularly Chatham Bars Inn) is very romantic area, w/out being overcrowded. It is expensive, but if it's romance you want, that's my first choice.

    Hyannis is a zoo in the summer, and is a hotspot for night life, bar, clubs, etc, abound in the downtown area. Traffic is a nightmare though.

    Falmouth is fun - great beaches, some fun pubs and great restaurants in town.

    But if I had my choice, overall, I'd go to Martha's Vineyard and stay in Edgartown. There are plenty of Inns to choose from throughout the island. Instead of paying big $$ to bring your car on the ferry, consider rentng a car there, or if you are adventurous, mopeds are another option.

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    How a July 4 weekend on Cape Cod could be romantic with all that traffic you will have to fight is beyond my comprehension.

    Try to reserve for Block Island, R.I. instead.

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    If you're gay then Provincetown would be the perfect place to go. Otherwise Martha's Vineyard or Falmouth are my favorite places.

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    dont go to provincetown cuz its kinda full of a bunch of homos. and why wood u wanna go whale watchin, it is the most boring thing in the world. but id probly go to falmouth, great food and beaches.

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    Avoid Hyannis

    Chatham is a magnificent place !

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    Martha's Vine Yard.

    You both will have one great time there.


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