what is the nursing diagnosis for patient with cerebral palsy her age is 3 month she addmited to PICU for?

3month, she have vomiting pnemonia no fever, with s.o.b , her wight is 3kg highet 50cm, she not have breast feeding , she take o2 therapy, have syanosis, she take glucose 130cc IV 8q, fortim 150mg IV 8q,prostaphylin 110mg IV 8q, one- alfahead two drop daily , circumferance is 39 cm, she have CBC with RBC 3.9.WBC 13.4, HGB 10.4, HCT 34.4, PLT 358

glucose 3.7, uria 3.8, Na 140, K 3.2, Ca 2.2, creatin 18

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    For the lady above me...why would she call the pediatrician when the baby is already in the hospital??? Read the question! Your baby has cerebral palsy and may very likely be severely disabled and medically fragile. If she is only 3 months old and they already know she has cp, she must be very severely disabled. Many severely disabled children are medically fragile. No one knows why they get so sick so easily. Most likely your child may have times in her life when she becomes very ill...like right now, for no apparent reason. But hold on, it will get better, most children with severe disabilities tend to get better with age when it comes to their health. I took care of a little girl with severe cerebral palsy and who was very medically fragile for several years and when she was very young she spent a lot of time in the hospital having very similar problems to the ones your child is having, but as she grew older she was less and less ill, although she still had medical problems they were not as severe and could be dealt with at home. If you need any support or have some other questions please feel free to email me.


    Source(s): 10+ years working with severely disabled/medically fragile children and adults.
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  • KitKat
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    call the pediatrician.

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