Is Esd 1 boiler a marine radiant type boiler?

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    Could you please be more specific with Esd 1 boiler denomination?

    In ships the furnace of the boilers are specially designed to compensate the "erroneos" water level readings due to the uneven motion of the ship and therefore special care is taken for the opening of the feed water inlet valve which is connected to instruments that react with an inertia-delayed effect. If the valve had to open and close with the up and down motion of the ship, there would be a chaos in the water and steam drum.Thus the necessity of the delayed action.

    Subsequently, the burner is regulated according to the demand of feed water.

    The heating source is radiant and convection heat. Radiant heat is above 950 deg C, below is the convection heat.

    If the boiler is designed with a superheater then the radiant heat area could be utilised for the superheating of steam.

    Now if the Esd boiler is more clearly defined, we can identify it as radiant type or otherwise.

    The above explanation is only to make it a little cleare before defining the nature of furnace and its utilization in the generation of saturated and superheated steam.

    It will be a radiant type boiler, if the maximum heat exchange is at the radiant temperature gradient above 950 deg C,

    Anwar Shaukat Ansari

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