Whats the difference between a dinamic and static equilibrium?

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    In a static eq. the reaction is considered to be ceased & that is why the concentration of neither the reactant nor the products changes after attaining the eq. This type of eq. does not exist in practice & its a hypothetical concept.

    In dynamic eq. the rate of formation of products becomes equal to the rate of formation of the reactants due to the recombination of the products so that the concentrations of neither the products nor the reactants chanes after attaining the eq. In other words in the state of eq. the rate of the forward reaction equals the rate of the backward reaction. This is the type of eq. that we notice in practice.

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    To give an analogy, dynamic equilibrium is like balancing a yardstick on your hand. There's a lot of tiny, quick movements done by the balancer just to maintain it upright. Static equilibrium is like a book resting on a table. It'll remain as it is without any help. Thermodynamically speaking, dynamic equilibrium happens when the macroscopic characteristics of some object/system seem unchanging but microscopically (or down to a molecular level) a lot of stuff is happening, it's like one tiny effect is balanced by another tiny effect, cancelling any overall change in it.

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    Dynamic equilibrium is when the reaction is still proceeding, but it is going in both directions at the same rate so the concentrations of the substrates and products are constant. This is how nature is.

    Static equilibrium would be when no reaction is taking place in either direction.

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