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how to stop skateboarding trucks from squeaking???

i just got some new ventures<da best> and theyre super squeaky, i think i should just sratch the paint off of the stem in the hangar, am i right?


my treucks are not tight and i dont have n e graphite

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    wd-40 is bad don't ever use that on your skateboard. What's squeaking? The paint rubbing isn't making it squeak most likly its the rubber bushings which always squeak new, not much you can do there but use it. The other part that might be squeaking is a bearing, get some good lube and apply it to them...not wd-40. Regular motor oil would be better than wd-40, wd-40 takes away the actual bearing lube already on them to protect them. Check bolts for tightness, maybe the trucks are attached really tight and it's squeacking agaist the deck. Good luck

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    i do not trust the persons telling you to grease your bushings. i tried that a lengthy time period in the past and it kinda works yet finally the oil will assemble a lot of airborne dirt and dust and dirt. undemanding procedures to end the squeak is to purchase new bushings. the superb ones are likely Bones. i'm distinctly certain they received't squeak any extra in case you position the recent Bones in there.

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    Powdered graphite!

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    Your Trucks maybe to freaking tight....loosing them some

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    that could work. try puttin oil on the whole truck. my evo trucks did the same thing. but i oiled them and it fixed the problem.

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    try some WD-40, stops squeking and can also clean your bearings.

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