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Speculative security concerns and "potential" future terrorism aside, what do we really lose by leaving Iraq?

A: Oil

NEWS FLASH... we're never going to win no matter how long we stay. It's not about defeating an enemy. Saddam is DEAD. All these Republicans are whining about how we will "lose" the war in Iraq if we leave now. Lose? Lose WHAT?

A: The largest untapped oil fields on the earth.

Iraq is now a CIVIL war. It's not between the Iraqis and us. All we are doing there is making nice big targets while the puppetmasters vie for position in the hopes that military stability will usher in economic stability. All they want to do is commence handing out their lucarative post-war contracts to their big oil buddies to start to building the infrastructure for America's next big oil supplier.

As an American, if you have an ounce of integrity, or a shred of respect for our soldiers, you'll boycott any oil corp that buys oil from Iraq, now, or in the decades ahead.

Our soldiers' blood is going to be the price for your future gasoline.



Man, I am on YOUR SIDE, but how much is enough? What you're describing isn't valor, it's hubris. The United States has PROVEN time and again it can protect itself. Of course if you stand in the middle of a hornet's nest you're going to get stung.

It is not our obligation to "give the gift of Democracy" to people who hate us, or people that haven't fought and earned it for THEMSELVES. This isn't why soldiers join the military, they join to protect our land and our population. If history has shown us anything, it's that Democracy is a RIGHT, not a GIFT.

Despite how YOU feel, the AMERICAN PEOPLE do not want to be in Iraq anymore. The president is IGNORING the will of the people. Is that Democratic??? There is NO WAY we can stop a civil war with the forces we have, and there is no way Congress will allow Bush to send more troops, so every second we stay is simply more wasted lives.

Open your eyes and look at reality for god's sake! Think SOLDIER!

Update 2:

Why is it that every time a PATRIOT comments on a war, the first thing out of the soldiers mouth is, "you have no right to comment, you've never been in combat!" It's like the only way you can make a point is by pointing out the one thing most people will (thank god) never experience.

Did I ever say I knew anything about what it was like to be under fire? What the hell difference does it make to this argument? What the hell do all your ridiculous examples of indigenous Middle Eastern groups mean to this argument? Nothing! Was G.W. Bush ever in the field in Iraq? Gee, no, but he's deciding policy.

I am an American Taxpayer funding a war I don't believe in. TWO THIRDS of my fellow AMERICAN TAXPAYERS AGREE WITH ME YOU FOOL! I couldn't care less about Kurds or the tribes, or Cambodia. Iraq is halfway around the freaking world. How are they gonna threaten me in the United States? They have no Navy. No Air force. No ICBMs.


Update 3:

I'm more concerned with the 1/2 billion dollar debt my kids are going to be saddled with for the next 20 years because of this debacle which is gaining the US NOTHING, but costing us a fortune. We are no safer now than we were circa 9-11, and we're probably less for stirring up this damn hornet's nest because our idiot president thought this was going to be a walk in the park.

There is one point I do agree with you on... if victory is the goal (which we know it isn't) then by all means do WHATEVER is necessary to get the job done. As I said, I'm on your side, and I support the troops, but I feel as disgusted by political constraints as you do. As far as I'm concerned, the only real solution is to turn the desert to glass, but barring that, we should get the hell out and focus on our own problems, not the Arabs'.

Update 4:

oops, make that a 1/2 TRILLION dollar debt!

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    It's not between the Iraqis and us? What are you, out of your mind? So for over two years I was shot at entirely by accident? I got blown up half a dozen times because of a misunderstanding?

    As an American, I have enough integrity and respect for my profession as a Soldier to know that regardless of the motives of going into Iraq in the first place, this is no longer JUST about petroleum.

    Blowback is painful, and since you consider security concerns "speculative and you don't consider any of the real terror groups operating in Iraq to be of any "potential" consequence to us in the future (like how the Mujahideen fighting against the Soviets in the 80s never went on to create terror attacks in Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East? Which they did, of course), and since you see this purely from a Marxist economic angle:

    If we leave prematurely, we show the rest of the world exactly how much pain the American public can absorb before they crack. We demonstrate to every ally we have that our word is garbage and we are faithless, and we will abandon them when our fickle and weak-willed public say so.

    We did it once before in Vietnam, and we consigned Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia to mass slaughter. We do it again in Iraq, and we will be last on the list to pay in blood.

    EDIT: I've lost too many friends to call it hubris. I couldn't care less about democracy in Iraq. It's never going to happen the way the West envisions it. Tribal politics are HUGE. The culture of doing business through personal contact and "face" just defies accountability that is critical to efficient, honest Western government. Nepotism is an unchanging way of life.

    We can still make this good. We can give the Kurds a free country at last; 25 million people who were wronged by colonialism. They're ready for democracy; their economy and society is ready. We can kill off the old terror vets who fought the Soviets, and lock down the new breed of Salafists down in Iraq, fighting against the Iranians and secular Arabs nationalists. Every one of them we kill is one less that threatens us. If Iraq is a bottomless pit, let it be THEIR bottomless pit - fighting the Iranians, their Pasdaran, their proxy militias like Hezbollah and the Badr Corps.

    If the American people are tired of seeing it play out on CNN, let the C-in-C let Group (SF) and volunteers from the 18th Airborne Corps stay and fight it out. If we have NO restrictions and the freedom to implement a REAL war-winning strategy unhindered by politcal bullshit (i.e. the total STUPIDITY of supporting an Iraqi government dominated by Iran that uses death squads to kill its OWN citizens for being Sunni and Christian, and expecting it to be a force for PEACE) then we can snatch defeat from the jaws of partisan politics and ignorance.

    EDIT: "Erudite", even if everything you said about your service was halfway true, you were a dog handler for 6 years. Not combat arms. A lousy dog handler. I have socks with more field time than you, and socks with more time under fire than you. Don't even think you're qualifed to speak as a veteran; you're really not. Go clean out the stalls at the Big Boy or something.

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    lets see if we pull out of Iraq what would happen.. theoretically, the whole middle east will disintegrate into a civil war between Shiites and Sunnis. Thus bringing the whole world into the battle and we will all suffer greatly. but, more probably, Iraqis will continue to fight amongst themselves until Iran and other leaders of the Arab world step in and help out. As far as what we would lose.. notta thing. Its kind of like us pulling out of Vietnam, thousands of people got killed to prove the point that our military can't solve our problems only political solutions can

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    While I don't entirely agree with you, we have nothing to lose. However, many countries will lose faith in us and realize that we give up. Also, it will destroy Iraq's small bit of stability which could allow for a takeover by Iran. As much as I would like to save our boys' a$$es and run and let the Iraqis beat the sh*t out of each other, I don't think we can yet.

  • 1 decade ago advised big oil is already at work. there is talk of substantial reserves of oil being found in the Al An Bar region. one wonders if this may have something to do with the Sunni sheiks in that area suddenly deciding to eliminate al quada influences in that sector. in addition it is now acceptable for the young men of the area to sign up to be members of the police and security forces, which they are doing in large numbers.

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    Let's look at history. 35 years ago I was told "If we lose Vietnam the communist will come into your town and kill you and your family". Well, we lost Vietnam and here I sit ( At my computer) waiting for the communist to "tear" down my door and kill me and my family. A long wait I tell you. Man!! 35 years I've been waiting. Now, I am once again told "If we lose Iraq the terrorist will come into my town and kill me and my family". ( Note: Iraq had nothing to do with 9-11 "OR" the terrorist who work with Osama ) Soooo, If I wait 35 more years I will be 95 years old. I promise you this........If we lose and we will lose Iraq, the terrorist will NOT come into your town and kill you. I should know. I live through all the lies once before.

    Source(s): And people still buy the lies. Americans will never learn.
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    Nothing. We. Can. Lose. Nothing. Else. From. Iraq.

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    GWB will lose the final ounce of credibility he has.

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    That is just your opinion.

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