How does the media influence the thoughts and behavior of teens?

How can teens rise above that influence?

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    Media is considered one of the four Agents of Socialization in the science of Sociology. Like the other agents (family, school, peers), the media is part of our learning how to behave in society and what are the expected norms and ideals that shape our society. In the past the media was not as powerful an agent as it is today. There are many reasons for this.

    Entertainment media is more prevalent in our life. Thanks to cable television, the internet, and media phones and other electronic devices, the media is more integrated into every moment of our lives like never before. Also, the media is constantly pushing the envelope on what is acceptable behavior and norms. Our society is being redefined not by the members of the society, but rather a select few who are not motivated by the betterment of society. The profit motive has moved media moguls to create shocking and "fun" entertainment that has reshaped our values and taught young people that "if it feels good, do it." Glorification of violence and increasing open sexuality are just a couple of the changing norms in our society that seem to be directly linked to modern media.

    One major difference between the past and now, though, as well as a major factor in how to rise above this influence, lies in the oldest social institution; the family. In the past, one parent was more typically at home to monitor the ifluence of media on teens. In the past, families didn't have to pursue multiple incomes to make a living in our society. In the past, single-parent families were less likely and therefore less pressure was brought to bear by socializing agents outside of the family.

    Families have to regain control of what our society is. The media's inlfuence can be lessened by a stronger involvement of the family and a greater emphasis on embracing norms and values that enhance our society's tolerance, peace and harmony.

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    The media influences teens alot!! I, for example, am a teen and am affected by the way I dress or look. There is so much pressure the media gives to be SUPER thin. It isn't reality. So we shouldnt starve just doesn't make sense! Nobody cares if you have hips unless you wanna make it into the modeling industry. And most people don't make it unless they have it "all".

    I think that's the biggest media influence nowadays. We should be ourselves, not someone else. Don't think that that crap is real, cuz it's not, and you'll be a better person=]

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    Teens can't rise above it they can only make their own choices in which they will be able to find themselve and who they are they need to explore that

    the media influences teens to a lot of things devant as they may seem to be in some light but in another light somethings however devant the ideas may be it has to be there to tempt them or they may not be ready for the REAL world as it today in a good light the media shows us our culture allows us to learn how to make hard choices along with educating us in things so we can form our own ideas and opinons but as a teen they might see a pretty blonde skinny women and see someone they want to be with or someone they want to grow to be in a ad i once saw was this extremely happy young teen dressed like someone that just came out of a club ya know a little bit too sexy she was happily talking on a cellphone while walking beside her friend who was brunete and contributed the same image as the blonde it was a birthcontrol ad and what they wanted you to see is how happy they were and the way they dressed like adults but they were teen so really they were saying to be this type of teen who might have sex should take birth control so they can be more like an adult or for the guy points of view it might say hey i want this kind of girl and freedom so im going to use some kind of birth control too music is another type of media the give young people ideas as well as Television except because ads dont talk like they do its even easyer to express ones self like televisions shows like its so raven or the cosbys they both show things that they can relate to just like music artist sing songs about how they feel, the things that they want or their opinons the last media that teens learn from are their peers and they play a even bigger role in it because now they dont just have their own opinon to think of but now they have to consider other peoples points and veiws on things and so it is important to have the media influences teens however not every thing out there may give someone the right idea but like i said teens have to learn to choose and become themselves independently so they can take care of themselves as well as others they may love if needed them too

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    The media always wants it to look like if your not skinny, flawless, and perfect, your not what's in the "scene" or "cool" right now. And in my opinion, that's very unhealthy for teenagers. We need to encourage them that they are special just how they are and that many of the things they see in the media are edited, or trained for in an unhealthy way, such as a diet.

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    They influence it too much. Usually bad, because most things you read are bad. Teens have to think for themselves and stop following the group.

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    Wow! thank you! I was asking myself the same thing today

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    This is bugging me as well

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