How do I become a CEO of a company?

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    There are many ways to become a CEO of a company. Of course, the most obvious way is to start your own organization and name yourself as CEO. However, if you don't have the resources to start your own enterprise, then you'll have to become CEO through traditional routes.

    There are two main ways to become CEO of a corporation. One way is start out in sales. Sales is a tough business, but the good thing about sales is that you're rewarded on merit and not on politics. If you excel in sales, chances are that you'll be promoted to sales manager. If you're a good sales manager, you'll be promoted to VP of sales. If you're an exceptional VP, then chances are that you'll be in line to be the next COO. If you prove yourself to be a good COO, chances are that you'll be next in line to be CEO.

    Another way to become CEO is to join a company's management trainee program. If you take this route, then you'll have to play office politics. You'll have make sure that most of the poeple that you work with love you and praise you for everything you do. As you prove yourself to be a good manager and everybody loves you, then you'll naturally be promoted into higher positions, which will eventually land you into the CEO spot.

    Good luck! If you become CEO, please hire me.

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    Go to school, start a company, or kiss a lot of a$$ and move up within a company after about 25 years you could become CEO.

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    From your question, I know immediately you are an ambitious person. That is good. Want to be a CEO of a company? The best method would be do all your work hardworkingly and make your boss happy and smile whenever he sees you. Get it?

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    The surest path is to be a star vice president or officer at a huge corporation (CFO, VP for product development, something at that level), get interviewed a lot in publications like The Wall Street Journal, then put your name in at an executive search firm. Many smaller companies will fight to hire you as CEO, or you might get lucky and get an offer from another huge corporation.

    Of course millions of people would love to get multi-million dollar salaries as executives at huge corporations and get interviews in major publications, so that's still a tough row to hoe.

    The goal of being a CEO is much too vague to guide any real planning. To become CEO of a company of any size requires you to be willing to sell your soul to something more specific than making a lot of money. What are you willing to do for 60-80 hours a week for decades, jeopardizing your health and your personal life? If you have that kind of passion for software development, then your best shot is to develop a killer application and build a company like Google or Intuit around it. If you have that passion for accounting, then get an MBA and shoot for a CFO position. If you have that passion for sales, then become a star salesperson in a field where salespeople get promoted to CEO's (in spite of what handr_bloch says, I doubt that many nanotechnology companies will hire CEO's out of sales any time soon). My point is you've got to be obsessively driven to be a high achiever in some occupation with an obvious path to the CEO office.

    Source(s): Read a lot of profiles in The Wall Street Journal.
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    Start your own company. Hire a staff, and name yourself CEO.

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    maximum jobs of this style come greater from networking fairly than your college experience (on a similar time as that's substantial additionally) that's greater approximately who you be responsive to and who you affiliate with as you paintings on your profession. nevertheless getting those jobs for many isn't conceivable whether you concentration the whole profession to attain that. that's greater substantial which you do the final interest attainable in in spite of you do. once you're a stable, annoying working worker, you would be triumphant. stable success.

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    start the company yourself

  • Do a REALLY GOOD job at work and HAVE LOTS of experience.

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