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most famous hockey player?

well i am wrighting a report for P.E. on a famous athlete and the other day i was at my boy friends house and we were watching hockey and i was very interesting so i thought i would wright about the most famous hockey player.

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  • Bob D
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    You've received a few knowledgeable responses, a few from obviously novice hockey fans that wouldn't know a great player when they saw one. I began watching hockey in the early 60's, missed the Rocket but saw the last couple decades of Howe's career, all of Orr, Gretzky, Lemieux as well as many others. Howe was Mr.Hockey for a reason and a paper on him would be easy. Gretzky hold most of the scoring records. If you really want to write a paper on a hockey player that captured the hearts of fans, check out the riots that happened in Montreal after Rocket Richard was suspended for the playoffs. Would never happen today so if you are a new fan of the game, I would suggest writing about the Rocket to get a sense of some fans passion for the game. Good luck with your project.

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    If you try to identify this with players that are most widely known by everyone you would have to go with Wayne Gretzky or Gordie Howe because for almost 50 years hhe was the best hockey had seen until Wayne Gretzky appeared onthe scene....including idolizing him. Plus Howe is even nicknamed Mr Hockey. WHile Gretzky is just that good and everyone has heard of him and holds almost every offense record there is. Or Todd Bertuzzi just because he is so infamous for the stunts he has pulled. He's been on the news almost as much as The Great One just because of the stuff he has done. So famous...Gretzky while maybe..Howe, while infamous is definately Bertuzzi

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    Most famous ever- Wayne Gretzky

    Currently- Sidney Crosby

    I hate to break this to some of the people above me, but no one outside of hockey fans know who Brodeur or Bertuzzi is (except for the cities they play in) . While everyone knows who Gretzky is and quite a few people would recognize Crosby's name.

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    Wayne Gretzky, when ever someone compares a player to greatness they say

    The Wayne Gretzky of hockey

    The Michael Jordan of Basketball

    The Babe Ruth of Baseball

    The Tiger Woods of golf

    So I think Gretzky is the most famous!

  • Dan
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    You can write about Wayne Gretzky who holds alot of current records, or Gordie Howe who dominated the sport from the late 40's to early 70's.. Wayne Gretzky is the Great One, and Gordie Howe is Mr. Hockey.

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    Historically, I would agree with Gretzky.

    But the most famous hockey player, around the world, is not even close to being Sidney Crosby. He is a rookie, and if you write about a rookie as the most "famous" hockey player, and teacher worth their salt should fail you.

    (By the way, it is not spelled "wrighting." I would definitely do a spell check on your papers...)

    The most "famous" current hockey player is either Brodeur or Bertuzzi. Even people who don't even watch hockey at all can identify Todd Bertuzzi.

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    Mario Lemieux

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    i don't know if there is just 1. Bobby Orr, Gordie Howe, and of course Wayne. Tim Horton played hockey although he is no longer famous for that. "Rocket" Richard is another. I could probably go on but you get the idea.

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    The pride of Brantford, Ontario: Wayne Gretzky.

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    The Great One

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