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i have a great idea for a screenplay but dont know how to write one,can anybody help?

has to do with bodies found in the snow of antartica and the mystery/conspiricy behind it

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    Ya i know how to write screenplays. Download "Celtx" just search for it on google. its free, i've used final draft which is 3 hundred dollars, and Celtx is better of the two. Go to and find a screenplay for a movie that you like, and base the format off of that. Its more complex than writing a book, but a ton lighter on the mind. You only need to use very very simple ideas and sentences.

    Why buy a how to book when you can read the some of the greatest screenplays for free. The Screen Writers bible is a joke.

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    You should buy this book, called "The screenwriters Bible" by David Trottier--I have the third edition, and I don't know if there's been any since.

    Also, if you look into it there are various softwares to write screenplays with, and some will even let you try a free trial of them.

    Oh, and you may want to reconsider giving any types of clues as to what you're writing about, especially on the Internet. I understand being excited, but the less others know about your ideas the better.

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    yeah dude

    fade in

    fade out

    cut in

    cut out

    ext. means exterior

    int. means interior

    Each time a character is mentioned, write it in CAPITALS , When you introduce him give his age and brief physical description. But no personality description. Everything in the script has the be what the camera sees, and the information has to be given to the audience through either exposition using dialogue or visually. then just write stuff.

    your idea actually sounds kinda interesting. do it.

    Source(s): there are a lot of great resources online, but dont spend the money for a script writing program, it's so easy to do it yourself, even in proper screenplay format. waste of money. just look at a film script, youll see its very easy to format. what you can't buy is the content, and thats the most important part.
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    Hi! This URL has some really good information on writing a screenplay.

    Hope it helps you out! Good luck!

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    sounds cool

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