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What is your favorite horror film of the 80's and 90's and why?

I would have to say "Scream". It's the film responsible for the comeback of the horror genre. :)


My favorite 80's movie would have to be "Friday The 13th". I just loved how it took the horror genre and made it something new. For it's time anyway. :)

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    Poltergeist 1 & 2 "Carol Anne, Don't go into the light! Why? because it was about evil spirits. The old man in the 2nd one was creepy as crap.

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    Movies like Friday the 13th, The Blair Witch Project, The Sixth Sense, was Evil Dead made in the early 80's?

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    From the 80s I would say "John Carpenter's The Thing". That was a great movie. A remake, but GREAT. It was completely suspenseful, and the fact that the creature inhabited people and you never really saw it...but what you DID see what HORRIFYING. I love gory monsters. From the 90s, I would say that I actually didn't like any 90s horror films. I think there should be more monster movies...there are FAR too many psycho/slasher/serial killer movies out there.

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    i like horror video clips for numerous reasons. Being scared isn't certainly one of them; i've got by no skill seen a horror action picture that scared me. i like the camp, the cheesy outcomes and performing in particularly some horror action pictures. they do no longer take themselves too heavily, and additionally you may tell the forged and group have been having exciting making them. For some others i like the storylines, the suspense, the great performing, etc. each thing comes mutually and makes an wonderful action picture. i like the seem of particularly some horror action pictures; lights, outcomes (that are no longer consistently cheesy, each now and then they're particularly good), places. Many horror video clips have great soundtracks too. i like horror action pictures from fairly lots each decade that video clips have been made. There are some fairly undesirable ones nevertheless. as much as i like the horror type, i've got seen some fairly poor horror video clips. i think of the final high quality of horror has declined by using fact the 80s. each each now and then nevertheless i'm going to work out a at the instant made horror action picture that surprises me.

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    Because the main character first get's his you-know-what kicked really good, then he runs, hides, builds weapons and traps, and then "welcome's back" the monster for round #2.

    Other horror movies is ALWAYS something after you. You are usually running. You run past HUNDREDS of things you could pick up and use as weapons.

    But NOOOO. All you can do is fall down and scream.

    Give me a break!!

    Like the movie VACANCY. No one ever heard of picking up a chair and crashing it into the mouth of the bad guys coming into the room? Or looking into the cameras and welcoming the bad guys to come in for a party? Make THEM wonder what YOU are up to.

    No, run and scream, crawl thru tunnels full of rats (what are the rats eating to stay alive?), etc, etc.


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    Day Of The Dead

    Return Of The Living Dead

    Nightmare on Elm St.

    Christine (The Old car that kills people)


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    80's Nightmare On Elm Street........

    90's I concur with you on SCREAM

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    nightmare on elm street. or pet cemetery.

    Source(s): of course i hate those kind of movies so they are the only ones i watched.
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