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Social worker license application?

am about to apply to become a license social worker in a few months on the application it ask be of good moral character i have a felony for robbery at the age of 18 i am now 30 years old and about to graduate with a ba in social worker i have never been arrest before or since do you think i have a chance of becoming a license social worker

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    You need to be fully honest on your application, otherwise you could have your license revoked and/or have criminal penalties. In terms of whether or not you can get your license, you need to look into the social worker licensing laws for your state. Each state is different.

    Look at this Association of Social Work Boards website for more specific info on different's states licensing laws.

    Good luck!

    Source(s): Currently in application process for my LMSW license
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    Hmm. Very inconsistent with your other question. ;)

    You could use your past felony to explain how you've been through what these people who need your help as a social worker have been through and you can show them how to turn their lives around etc. I would hire that

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    Well as long as you don't lie on your application about it.

    cause once they look you up and find your status but you said no to felony, then you are out for fraud. But if you state felony and you answer what felony, then you have good standing and can work.

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