Chores for a 9 year old?

What chores are appropriate for a 9 year old boy. I want to make a chore for everyday of the week. Any suggestions?

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    setting the table, doing all his homework, cleaning his room, helping clear the table, doing some of his own dishes, dusting, oh and my favorite when i was kid, wiping the tables. lol. i think these are appropriate and just helping you out. maybe he could also collect all his laundrey and take out the garbage sometimes. oh he could also make his own bed and clean up all the messes he makes.

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    I have two boys. 8 & 10 They do the dishes twice a week (each), a load of laundry once a week (from beginning to end, which means putting them where they belong). They sweep every day. They make the most mess of my bathroom sink, so they alternate weeks cleaning that daily. One of them clears out all the garbages daily, while the other makes sure their dogs have food and water. They also have a miscellaneous chore every day, which can be anything I need done.

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    a chum has a catalogue on her refrigerator of particular chores around the homestead with a $ fee ticket related. to illustrate: $a million basket of laundry folded---$5 clean finished bathing room I pay $5 in line with hour if I even have some chores. additionally, there are different products like determining on up room, putting table, cleansing up after a meal that are no longer paid products yet, basically could desire to hitch being a kin. ultimately, teach/clarify the doorstep son that some one working at a save probable makes approximately $8 an hour. If that individual needed a clean pair of shoes that have been $80-- He/she could could desire to artwork over 10 hours to earn adequate money for those shoes. once I defined this to my toddler, they even have been given it! additionally, have been given with him to the community financial enterprise and open a small passbook saving account and have him deposit most of the money he earns or gets for his birthday into it.. Have him make a objective of something he could want to earn.. whilst he earns adequate-- Take him to purchase it.. the completed technique comes finished circle If

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    Putting dishes away. Feeding family pet. Taking out garbage. Keeping his room tidy. Have him help you with the grocery shopping...including making out a list and going with you. Vaccuming. Personally I think it is more important that he does his homework well before having chores but you asked.

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  • Vacuum a room or two, empty the dish washer, wash the car (he may need some help but it will be fun on a hot day) are a few more that where not added above.

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    think of things you can do together like, you clean the kitchen, he cleans the front of the cabinets.

    or simpler

    1-wipe table tops off

    2- disinfect door handles(you always forget that anyways)

    3- take sheets and pillo cases off and put them in laundry room(or start laundry)

    4-if you have a yard have him weed a section a week

    5-take trash out

    6- gather dishes up and dishwash

    7- walk dog for pre set time/play with sibling for preset time

    Source(s): hope this helps, but remember noone likes doing chores everyday and remember to reward him
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    Doing the dishes was popular when I was growing up. Taking out the trash shouldn't be too bad (if very close to house).

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    Taking out trash, mowing, but don't limit him to boy work cuz you don't want him getting married at 17 cuz he can't do laundry. So, laundry-his for now. Clear and rinse dishes. Put up 40 acres of hay for 10c per hr. like my dad did. (You can use that if he balks)

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    - Separating laundry for you to do

    - setting the table

    - emptying the dishwasher

    - Cleaning his room

    - Making his bed

    - Dusting

    - Cleaning the bathroom

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    taking out the trash.

    Making his bed

    Doing the dishes

    That's at least what I can recall of the shores that I had when I was that age.

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