What types of work do you do as an environmental engineer?

I am especially interested in responses from environmental engineers. I am trained as an electrical engineer, but I have been looking at making a career path change. I am still relatively young and would consider returning to school full time.

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    I'm an environmental engineer, and I really love what I do. Env. engineers can do a wide range of things - you can deal with hazardous waste, air and water quality, groundwater remediation, solid waste landfills, etc. You can be involved more on the regulatory side or more towards the construction side. I got interested in hydraulics and wastewater treatment when I was in college, so that's what I went into. I work for a Federal agency now, and I design water and wastewater systems. I also get to work on the construction management side too, and it's really satisfying to see the things you design actually get built. If any of that sounds interesting and you go back to school, consider the U.S. Public Health Service's Junior Commissioned Officer Student Training and Extern Program. Good luck!

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    heres a good site which helps out for picking college majors, but it shows the common careers that the major leads into.


    good luck, i hope this website helped

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