my daughter has constant tummy ach?

she is two years old and will not go to the toilet as it hurts her i give her fresh orange juice but she finds it hard to go i feel so sorry for her can any one tell me what you have used

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    try giving her some prune juice to help her go to the bathroom easier it helped for my sister's daughter. Good luck to you.

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    One of my twin daughters has suffered badly with constipation in the past. It started when she was 2 and she was put onto full fat milk. I started to water down her milk. She would have one glass of full fat milk a day the rest would be half milk half water. She got some sachets from the doctors called movical paediatric. When she was suffering I would give them to her for a couple of days until it settled. I also used to rub the small of her back when she was on the potty. The constipation seems to have settled now she is 3 and a half. On the odd occasion if she is complaining of belly ache (because my big poo isn't coming, as she tells me) I will give her lactalose solution. Lactalose draws fluid into the bowel to soften the stools, you have to increase the amount of water or juice they are drinking to make it work properly. She is old enough to understand that she has belly ache because she needs to poo and she will ask me to rub her back. I think the problem with little ones is they are not very patient and they won't sit on the potty for long due to boredom. I encourage her to read a book while she's on there because that's what Grandad does! It helps! I could go on and on about constipation in kids all day long but I won't!

    Source(s): Pharmacy assistant and mummy of twins
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    Have you taken her to see your Doctor? If you are happy that she is having a healthy and varied diet and drinking well, then there may be another cause. If you think diet may be playing a part, then try adjusting her fibre intake.

    Different foods affect everyone's digestion differently, but generally try to ensure that she is having enough fruit and fibre, try cutting out bananas as they can cause constipation.

    Also try changing from cows milk to goats milk.

    Doctors do prescribe various medicines to try and help. Lactulose is a favourite, but this is only a lubricant and will not fully soften a hard stool. Sena makes the bowel contract but again does not soften the stool, so passing is still painful.

  • Leo
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    1 decade ago

    Hi, i think it would be wise to go to the family doctor to find out why your young daughter has tummy ache. Perhaps the link might give you some direction on where to go next. I hope that the young girl is back to normal health very soon.

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    1 decade ago

    Take your daughter to the doctors and get her checked over. He/she may prescribe some sapositoriesto help her.

    Otherwise you could try these ideas:

    Caster oil, prune juice, Liquorice, raisins or try Senakot which you can buy from the chemist.

    Good luck and hope your daughter feels better soon.

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    I'd take her to the GP or nurse and get them to check her over.

    Keep giving her juice and water to drink to help!

    Ive heard of parents using medicine from the doctors mainly not herbal or home things! I think she probably needs a lot of cuddles too poor thing!

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    bless her she probably is holding on too as it is so pain need to increase her fibre intake plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit.make sure she drinks plenty of water.try distracting her whilst she is trying to pass a stool reading her favourite story.if this continues for too long consult your GP.this is a common problem .I am a children's nanny with 42 years under my above has all ways worked good luck..

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    If you've tried pure orange, with her only been two I'd take her to the doctors, better to be safe with her hun. I wouldn't take any chances. Good luck


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    Go to your doc - they have a liquid very mild laxative that you would just give her at the times she is struggling- i cant rem the name sorry but it does not damage the bowel as its natural.

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    Try giving her some coffee, with a little bit of milk and sugar. Or even give her childrens lacative.

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