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How do I write out my special skills for an acting resume?

I want it to sound like i know what I'm doing, even though im not. The questions are, List any special skills(dancing,singing,musical instruments, etc.)


List any hobbies (sailing, coin collection,knitting,painting,etc)

Now i have seen sample resumes that people put everything from shopping to rollerbladding and eating. What should i put and how should i put it.

I- play the violin,recorder, (fake a mean piano),i know hot to crochet, i can shop,eat,cook,drive,hikes, fun dancing-Which translates not a professional but im not afraid to sway my hips and throw my ahnds in the air. I like to be on the computer and i love music and dried flowers.. and so much more!

PLEASE HELP! im going to an open call on saturday for a major movie in chicago!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I have been in acting for quite awhile, and the one thing I learned is that directors/producers do not really care for a bunch of b.s. on a resume. When I direct a show, I can usually tell when someone is "padding" their resume. When it comes to skills that might translate into performance, be sincere. Listing things like being computer literate, liking dried flowers and such might be great for MySpace or other profiles, but it won't do much good on the stage. Some of the things you did list would actually make sense though: crocheting, playing the violin, dancing. These could actually be used on stage, and probably have been.

    When I put together my resume, I will usually put the skills that definitely attach themselves to the stage: experience in stage combat (including swordfighting), the different dialects I can speak in, dancing and singing experience, etc. Then I start going into skills that might be handy for a character: I can play the harmonica, rollerblade (Starlight Express anyone?), belch on cue (and it has actually come in handy), etc.

    You never know what the director might like about your skills... I have had a director add into the character that he plays harmonica in the play, because he thought it might add to the down-and-out hobo feel.

    First and foremost, be honest. If you put something down that isnt true, and it comes up later, it can really bite you in the a@@. I dropped an actor from a role because he said he had stage combat training, and when it came time to pony up, it wasnt painfully obvious he didnt know what he was doing. I hated to do it, but his lack of knowledge could have gotten himself or someone else seriously hurt.

    Break a leg at your audition!

  • 1 decade ago

    You're actually being asked what your hobbies are? Interesting audition form. Maybe I'm misunderstanding the question.

    If you're asking just for what to list on your own, then keep it short and relevant to stage and film performing. Don't list dancing unless you've actually daced on stage and/or have taken formal training. Violin is good. Recorder is good.

    If you're filling out a form that someone from the casting group has given you, then by all means answer their questions!

  • 5 years ago

    in spite of if this is a movie or theatre resume the ultimate rule of thumb is to purely checklist skills you would be extremely asked to do in an audition or on set. each and all of the musical gadgets are large, keep all of them indexed. evaluate itemizing how long you have performed each and each to offer an illustration of how sturdy you're. do no longer checklist an tool in case you does not be tender taking part in a short piece unexpectedly in an audition (this is going to take place). do exactly an rather rapid point out of your degree try against / stunt journey. some thing like "huge journey in degree try against (particular skills with firearms and archery)". soccer, seek and rescue, your in-shapeness do no longer would desire to be on a resume. they are stunning in actual life, yet on set you do no longer would desire to be sturdy at soccer, you purely would desire to look like a guy who's sturdy at soccer. How in shape you're on movie is all approximately your visual attraction, no longer your rather skills. Horseback using is a sturdy skill to checklist, yet you are able to shorten it to "Very experienced Equestrian". i bypass lower back and forth on no rely in case you will desire to incorporate "bareback", simply by fact this is exceedingly cool, so i'm going to leave that to you. do no longer say "imitating accents". checklist the dialects you're able to do completely or no longer something in any respect. As an actor component to your activity is discovering accents and dialects. finally, lose drawing, portray, writing, and makeup. lower back, those are all issues that as a performer you will pretend on set, no longer rather do. i actually like it once you incorporate one "style" or "talking factor" skill, yet bypass-cart utilising is somewhat to plenty. in case you have a stellar celebrity effect, or an unusual dance variety, or regardless of. in line with risk this is the place you checklist the archery. this is exciting and unusual. One very final notice. while you're submit for a place that has a particular set of skills required, do no longer hesitate to edit your particular skills to greater effective tutor you off. Say you hit upon a place the place they want an actor to shoot a bow and arrow from horseback. bypass in and improve on those skills to concentration on them.

  • 1 decade ago

    just do exactly wat it says to do and DO NOT leave anything out!!!!

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