Cheap food?

I have about $50 for the next week and need to go to the grocery store what are some cheap yet filling food ideas?

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    Beans, rice, and corn. Add available condiments or buy some. Use this as your bulk, and spread the rest of you budget over some meat/cheese/milk, breakfast items, and little treats. Frozen veggies are usually cheaper and about as good as fresh and better than canned. For beans and rice, try the bulk dry packs. Combine these in different ways like fried, baked, boiled, soup, spicy, creamy, etc.

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    $50 isn't much, but its do-able. Here are some ideas:

    1. Plan a menu for yourself for the week. Include breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

    2. Don't use grocery money to splurge on things like coffee, eating out, etc.

    3. Make some things that you can have a second or even third meal with.

    4. Don't let nutrition slide because you don't have much cash.

    5. Know that you'll have more money after the next payday.

    Here are some food ideas:

    1. Chicken, porkchops, hamburger

    2. Frozen veges

    3. Potatoes, rice, spaghetti

    4. Cream of mushroom soup

    5. Canned tomatoes

    6. 1/2 gallon of milk

    7. Fruit that's in season: apples, oranges, bananas

    Get creative!

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    In my opinion I would stay away from pre-made foods because they cost more for less (like frozen dinners, etc.). Buy fresh veggies that are on sale that week. Usually green peppers, broccoli, green beans and lettus are reasonable. Stay away from asparagus, red peppers, etc. because those are expensive.

    There is always meat on sale or a clearance item. If you like liver, it is cheap, so is cubed steak, cut up meat for soup. Homemade soup is very economical.

    Chicken breast is very expensive. Buy chicken legs if on sale.

    No deli meat.

    Pork chops are usually reasonable.

    Fruits can be expensive depending on where you live.

    Cereal is expensive

    Frozen veggies are good and you can find some that are not expensive and are on sale.

    Potatoes are cheap.

    Eat fresh and healthy and you eat less money.

    Hope I helped.

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    if you get a whole chicken and roast it, one night you can have roast chicken with mashed potatoes and a veg...the next night you can make with leftovers chicken tacos....and the carcas of the chicken you can use to make chicken noodle soup just put it in a pot with water with salt and whatever seasoning you make the broth ...strain it to get rid ot the bones and such add veggies some that would be 3 days covered pretty cheap and healthy.......then pasta is always cheap and good.........have a salad one night ( the ones you just mix all up and has all the stuff in the bag......get frozen stir fry veggies and have that with rice or asian noodles

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    If you have dried pasta, some cans of stock, onions, can or 2 of crushed tomatoes, some real cheese, chicken pieces, stewing beef, rice and beans you can eat well and be full.

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    Chicken, ground beef, potatoes, pasta, canned tomatoes, cheese and rice are your best budget stretchers. With those things you can make a lot of stuff!

    Chicken casserole, meatloaf, lasagna, mashed taters, roasted chicken, chicken and rice, chicken and pasta, hamburgers, meatballs....

    Add peppers or cabbage and you can stuff 'em with either beef and rice or chopped chicken and rice and and cover 'em with tomato sauce.

    Add eggs to the list and you can make omelets & quiches.

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    main things

    bread whole wheat

    chicken 18pc pack store brand

    ground turkey or beef i prefert turkey

    taco kit from old el paso or taco bell




    betty crocker potato mixes




    rice a roni broccoli au graten rice


    milk,eggs,bread = french toast

    lunch = lettuce grilled chicken breast cheddar

    dinner= tacos ground turkey/beef lettuce salsa cheddar



    lunch= turkey/beef burger on bread lettuce cheese

    dinner = chicken breast and rice aroni


    toast with jelly cereal

    lunch= grilled cheese sandwich

    dinner= mashed potatoes and baked chicken thighs and legs



    lunch hot dog baked beans

    dinner order pizza or chinese



    lunch chicken parm

    dinner sloppy joes

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    HA...I know this one!!!ok,get some tortillas...canned refried beans..onins,whatever...make burritos ,it will fill up the eaters QUICK!

    Ramen noodles,great side dish.A bag of anything with 'em.Chicken leg meat.potted meat in a can.tuna & tuna helper...add a can of peas ....hope this is of some help.I've been in your shoes..

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    Hot dogs, pastas, ramen noddles, veggies, milk, cereal, just find specials, you can get a lot if you shop smart

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    ramon noodles

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