Any opinions on Chef Jo's Home Cooking, Incorporated in Houston, TX?

How much??? the chef class

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    Chef Jo's home cooking is available to you in several different packages. All packages are based on the number of entrees you need. Here is a sample of the most popular packages:


    # of meals

    (there are 2-4 servings per

    entree - sometimes more!)


    3 Entrees

    3 meals for a family of four or

    6 meals for a couple or

    12 meals for a single


    4 Entrees

    4 meals for a family of four or

    8 meals for a couple or

    16 meals for a single


    5 Entrees

    5 meals for a family of four or

    10 meals for a couple or

    20 meals for a single


    Please note that groceries are extra. One side dish per entree is included in each option's price. As some clients are comfortable preparing their own side dishes. Also offered are packages (for less) that do not include sides.

    The chef service fee includes:

    The initial complimentary client consultation and dietary assessment,

    Comprehensive, personalized menu planning,

    Grocery shopping,

    Use of Jo's chef kit full of her pots, pans and utensils,

    food preparation and packaging,

    Use of her pantry items, which can be extensive, such as pastas, rices, herbs, spices, sugar, flour, oils, vinegars and condiments (using her pantry items saves you additional grocery costs).

    There is a one-time container fee, or she will use your containers if you have appropriate containers available.

    Tel: 832-687-0490


    Chef Jo’s Home Cooking, Inc.

    Jo Ann Gonzales—Chef/President

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    All I can say is, "Holy Cow!"

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