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I'm traveling to Hawaii from Ohio, do I need a passport? Also, can a military ID be used instead of a passport


I've been getting conflicting info on this issue, even though it might seem like a dumb question.

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    You are in the military and don't know the answer to this question? You are kidding aren't you? If not we are in trouble.

    Note: Thanks for the thumbs down, but if they really don't know and in the military, then they are as stupid as you.

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    You do not need a passport to travel from the continental USA to Hawaii. Hawaii is a US state and therefore you may travel with a state for federally issued id.

    A military ID can not be used in place of a passport.

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    No you do not need a passport to travel from Hawaii to Ohio as they are both states. You will however need a government issued id to board the aircraft, which you military id should do.

    Hope this helps and have great trip!

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    Hawaii is not a foreign country. It is part of the 50 states that make up the US. You do not need a passport for Hawaii. Canada, Mexico and any other foreign country you do. All you need is your Driver's License or military ID.

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    No. When I went, they never asked for a passport because Hawaii is considered to be part of the USA.

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    You do not need a passport -

    A governement issued photo ID is what you would need so either your Military ID or drivers license is fine

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    No passport is needed as they are both part of the USA, just proper photo id since you'll be traveling by plane.

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    provided which you have orders from the army asserting the place your going to in Europe like what base.If its for private return and forth then no you will want your protection stress identity and your passport or civilian identity your go away style won't artwork as a skill of return and forth thats in straightforward terms he military's way of asserting hiya this adult men on go away for this many days to this area.

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    I'm going to Maui in October and I was wondering the same thing but did my research and found out that no, you don't need a passport to go to Hawaii as it is still considered US Mainland. Have fun, I know I will!!!

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    Are you serious?

    Hawaii is a state. Yes you can use your military ID.

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    passports are not required for domestic travel - to fly, some form of identification is required - check with your airline and tsa if you have further questions as to proper id.

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