What kind of truck would you buy? Nissan Titan, Chevy Avalanche or Toyota Tundra?

I have a tundra now and love it but i want to get a full four door. I only have the one with the sucide doors. I will be getting a used one. Which do you think I should get and why?

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    I sell cars at a Ford, Dodge, and Toyota dealership.

    Out of the three, come on down I'll sell ya a Toy..... But if I was buying one of those I'd buy the Chevy.... Ford, Dodge and Chevy have come out with GREAT products in the last few years.... Dollar for dollar you can get a better deal on a Chevy than a Toy.

    Toyota is living on past reputation and you pay more for a used one than the real value (life left in the vehicle) All the newer trucks are good trucks really on the same quality level, you just need to drive them all and find what fits you the best. I Bought a Dodge diesel for me (because I pull a trailer 50% of the time I'm driving it) but for you a Ford F150 may suite your needs better... nice ride good interior and good mileage same with Dodge and Chevy.... Look for what fit your needs and the Best Deal !!!!

    NOW when buying a truck DON'T TALK PAYMENT WITH THE CAR DEALER (unless I'm selling you the truck) Go to your credit union get prequalified first on amount and payments. Then go to a dealer and tell them you are looking for a $XX dollar truck tell them no trade in (sell your car yourself and make another $3000+)

    When they ask what payments you want tell them you’re not looking for payment you want the best $XX, 000 dollar Deal on a Truck they have. Take a note book and test drive a few write ALL the info down even VIN number take home and run Car values on all of them. See what N.A.D.A. or Kelley Bluebook say they are worth. Best is to call your credit union get on a first name basis with their loan agent. They will help allot with the values,

    DO NOT GO INTO THE SHOW ROOM THEY WILL BRING OUT A CLOSER TO PRESSURE YOU INTO BUYING NOW. DON'T IMPULSE BUY WILL COST YOU THOUSANDS!!!!! And don't buy the extended warranty from them, go online and buy if you want a warrantee and save $500 to $800

    The trick is they will offer you a soda or say come on in I'll check on some thing for you and turn and walk towards the door.... your instinct is to follow and they count on that... just stand there or start walking to your car,,,, They will change there attitude if they don't go to another dealer. Remember you are the customer they are there to help you their pay depends on PLEASING you not tricking you. I much rather put a person into a car or truck they can afford and enjoy than to make a few extra $$$ and have the customer hate the car. But I'm not a good salesperson. I don't have the greed, I care what people think of me and don't want to hide if I see them at the grocery store.

    Pick out the one you like the best go back and offer them the fair market value for it, your credit union will tell you what is a good deal. ask for an intent to buy form (they hate to do this you will get some flack so just walk out if they won't) The intent to buy is just a form or purchase agreement (DON'T SIGN ANYTHING) to take to the credit union with all the info of the truck so the CU can do up their paper work on the truck. Dealers hate it because they lose out on the income of selling your loan. A few years ago dealership in Salt Lake Lost a sale from me because they wouldn't do it I just walked out. They followed me to another car lot and tried to get me to come back I didn't bought a truck from their competition.

    This is allot of work but figure you spend 20 hours in finding your new/used truck and 10 hours in selling your truck, that 30 hours (if that much time) and you save $3000.00 on purchase price and interest and make $3000 more on selling your truck than they will give on trade in,,,, that's $6000. More in your pocket not bad for 30 hours work.....

    My GF has a (2006 Toyota Tundra) bought it before I met her has less than 10,000 miles and is going in for a transmission problem next week. And it gets the same Mileage as a Dodge with a Hemi in it.... just a thought

    Good luck have fun in finding your new ride!!!!

    If you have any questions email me I'll give ya heads up on what to do.....

    Car dealers are hurting right now Truck sales are slumping with gas prices going up a good time to buy..... Don't buy until the end of the month they will drop prices on the last day of the month to make a sale.

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    The Tundra has a bigger motor, more power, better tow and haul ratings, and has received a lot of praise. The Tundra is also a newer model than the Titan. However, the Titan is less expensive and has a better safety rating. I would suggest you drive both. You may find that the Toyota handles and rides better (I believe it does) and that the Tundra has a nicer interior. As far as pricing goes, Tundra's are now available with discounts and rebates, so look for a good deal and you may find the price diff. between the Nissan and the Toyota isn't significant. As far as resale value and maintenance goes, Toyota is slightly better.

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    If you have a Tundra and Love the Tundra, why would you try anything else? I can honestly tell you that the Avalanche will be a big disappointment after the Tundra, The Titan come a close second behind the Tundra.

    If American manufacturers got serious about quality and performance these two Japanese trucks would not be making such inroads into truck sales. But until they do, the Japanese are offering a better product.

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    Even though most of my friends have bought Tundras and like them, I just can't do it. The German and American companies (Dodge, Ford, Chevrolet) that you people are putting out of business are the ones that invented and revolutionized the truck. It's just another example of China and Japan stealing American innovations and claiming them as their own. Look at the little rice-burner POS cars they've been producing, and now suddenly they're building big "american-style" trucks that it would take 4 of them to drive? I mean, come on, Toyota went from producing sewing machines to full size pickups, literally. "Toyota pickup" is the biggest oxyMORON ever.

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    The GM product is by far the superior choice.

    7 years in the car business

    Japan makes great cars, USA makes trucks

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    That Nissan Titan is really good looking, has a great interior and some nice features. The reviews are favorable, too.

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    I don't know anyone who has regretted getting a Tundra. If reliability is something you value, go with Toyota.

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    I really like the Nissan Titan. It has tons of interior room and a high towing capacity.

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