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Richard Dawkins speaking like a Gentle Lamb with Paula Zahn?

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IS an interview that was recently done by a Atheist Richard Dawkins and his best selling book the God Delusion.

He states Believers are hung up on the Afterlife and do not concentrate on living thier life to the fullest while on earth?

hmm Why doesn't he speak on people that are living life full of suffering, disease, poverty, handicapps? how are they to live life to the the fullest? (Or were they just given a bad hand by the Cosmos)

Does anyone take this guy serioulsy and his drivel?

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    Interesting that he didn't take such a gentle approach when he debated a Christian in a Time/Life debate a year or so ago ... he was so rude that they had to ask him to tone it down.

    I've seen this guy get upset and resort to name-calling. I think he is full of something but I don't mention it on public forums, it's not nice :)

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    You obviously don't know that when someone says "life to the fullest" they mean "life to the fullest OF YOUR ABILITIES" so I won't bother going into detail to correct your asinine shot at an atheist.

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