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Lisa asked in TravelUnited StatesOrlando · 1 decade ago

Costs at Disney World?

My sister and her family are visiting WDW at the end of May. I want her to pick me up a t-shirt and maybe a magnet and keychain. How much money should I give her?

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    I would agree with $50. That way she can have a little room to look around and decide what she feels will be best. The magnet and keychain should only cost about $10 total, and that would give her $40 to get you a nice shirt. It kind of depends on the shirt you want as they can range in price, but I would say at least $20 for a more basic shirt.

    At the very minimum I would say $30. But, if you give her $50 that will cover tax and she had the ability to look at more options, she can always give you the change.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    2 - 3000 is plenty for 2 people. If you want to save money stay off property and try to eat before coming to the park. You can also bring in food to eat while in the park. The down side of staying off property is driving back to your hotel after a long day. You could stay on property in a value or moderate resort and take advantage of the Disney transportation to get to and from the parks. This saves the drive but the lines for the buses get long for some of the resorts. You can also drive to the park from your resort and won't have to pay to park. By staying in the parks you can take advantage of longer hours in the park but sometimes those are busier than the regular hours. The dining plan is nice but pricey. You can eat at food courts inside the parks for a reasonable amount. If you can go in September Disney has been offering a free dining plan promotion the last few years. Reservations must be made in the spring. I think they start taking reservations in April? Not only do you get to eat wonderfully but September is not very busy and the parks are so enjoyable.

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    I haven't been in years but, WDW is pricey! I'd say:

    $25-30 basic tee (white, WDW logo, mickey mouse)

    $30-35 nice tee (color, full scence, anniversary

    $5 magnet

    $10 key chain

    So yeah, I'd say $50 also.

    Source(s): my memory
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I went a year ago, that was my first time going, Disney is ridiculously expensive, as are all theme parks but $30 on the low end $50 on the high end

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    a nice t-shirt is around $25 and a keyring $1 up to $10

    Source(s): ive been to disney 8 times
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    1 decade ago

    20 bucks for the T-Shirt and 3.95 for the magnet. I'd give her 30 bucks, but you could probably buy the stuff on line for a lot cheaper!

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    I'd give her between $30 & $40 bucks so she can get you a nice one.

    Hope i helped.


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    At least $50. Souvenirs are very expensive

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