"Death" of the X-Men?

Hi guys - at the start of the Wolverine monthly series (mid 80s, I think), all the X-Men were in hiding and the world thought them to be dead. Does anyone know why and what happened?



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    THis was one of the bad storylines from the eighties. Part of the 'Fall of the Mutants'.

    It was a crossover series with X-Factor and New Mutants. The story follows...

    The X-Men head to Dallas in search of Storm, last seen there. Upon arrival, they encounter Freedom Force, and a battle begins. However, once it begins snowing (in the middle of summer) and cavemen, demons, and other strange creatures begin appearing, the two teams realize something serious is going on, and decide to put aside their differences for the moment.

    Meanwhile, Storm and Forge (whom she'd gone to see) both find themselves in a beautiful, pristine other-worldly dimension. Time passed differently here, so they spend a year together, while only a few moments pass on earth. There, they find love again, and Forge finds a way to use his bionic arm and leg to build devices to restore Storm's lost powers and get them both back to Dallas.

    Back on Earth, the X-Men and Freedom Force begin to unravel the truth behind the strange events around them. It turns out that during his stint in the Vietnam War, Forge had used his shamanic powers to summon a demon to avenge his fallen comrades. However, in his naiveté, he didn't realize that the spell required the souls of his nine comrades, and unleashed a horde of demons he had no way to control, including the Adversary, the creature responsible for the chaos they now found themselves in.

    As Storm and Forge join the battle, it quickly becomes apparent that the Adversary cannot be defeated, and the only way to be rid of him is for Forge to cast the same spell and seal him away forever. So, with millions watching the television broadcast by reporter Neal Conan, Forge casts the spell, using the souls of the X-Men to fuel it. However, the goddess Roma, who'd also become embroiled in the day's events, takes pity on the X-Men for their noble sacrifice and returns them all to life, additionally commenting to them that as foul and evil as the Adversary is, he should not and cannot be locked away forever, since from the chaos he creates positive change and growth occurs. However, he was bound for an age, which Roma decreed was sufficient punishment for his crime. She additionally made the X-Men invisible to all forms of surveillance save plain sight, thus allowing them to continue on with their operations while the world assumes they are dead. Before they head to Australia to establish a new base, she gives them the Siege Perilous, telling them they could use it to 'reset' time should they be discovered.

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    yes, they ran afoul of chuck norris who roundhouse kicked them one year into the future.

    He didn't want to kill them as he saw the potential for them to do good and aid him in his battle against the supreme ninja as his sidekicks and cannon fodder at some point in the future. Thus after having sex with dazzler, rogue, storm and madyleine pryor he roundhouse kicked them all to the future.

    For any of you technocrats, chuck norris simply wasn't affected by rogue's powers because he is chuck norris.

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    Uh, Yeah....What he said!!!

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