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Heisman trophy winner goes in the 5th round?

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    The Heisman has been the kiss of death the last several years for football players.....they never live up to the hype!!

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    Heisman is a poor indicator of success in the NFL, especially for QBs. I have no problem with that - it should go to the BEST player in college. However...

    ever heard of:

    Pat Sullivan

    Doug Flutie

    Andre Ware

    Ty Detmer

    Gino Toretta

    Charlie Ward

    Danny Wuerffel

    Chris Weinke

    Eric Crouch

    Jason White

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    QBs that win the Heisman aren't always NFL stars.

    Just look at recent history Gino Torretta, Charlie Ward, Danny Wuerffel, Eric Crouch, Chris Wienke, and Jason White are all QBs that have won the Heisman that were either busts or had no impact at all in the NFL.

    Troy Smith is very small in terms of NFL QB size. He also has poor mechanics and cant read defenses well. He got away with alot his flaws on talent in college that he can't in the NFL.

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    i think of confident, besides the undeniable fact that that is too undesirable by using fact. In Heisman, Trophy gamers are very good college participant yet that of course does no longer advise that he would be a physically powerful professional many circumstances a individual who i think deserved the Heisman will pass to the pros and not be drafted till like the 5th around. The trophy used to signify some thing now that is in basic terms in case you win it you get a million week of popularity than you get drafted interior the 4-5 around and each physique forgets approximately you.

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    A Heisman trophy does not necessarily translate into NFL quarterback. Just ask Jason White and Eric Couch. He obviously did not impress too many scouts with his workouts or game film. What round you are picked in does not determine what kind of player he may turn out to be either. He has gotten a chance to prove himself and that is all one can ask for.

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    He was lucky to be picked THAT high. Troy Smith is very undersized as a QB, has a very deliberate delivery that will get tipped a lot....and good NFL cornerbacks will be able to read him very easily. Add to the fact that he was HORRIBLE in his last game as in collge (when it counted the most) and you have a mediocre pro player at best. Just because you win the Heisman does not mean you'll be a top pro. Just ask Eric Crouch, Chris Weinke, Danny Wuerffel, and Rashaan Salaam.

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    The Heisman trophy has never been an accurate indicator of success in the NFL. Ever heard of Archie Griffin who won it twice?

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    Troy Smith is considered small when it comes to an NFL QB. He doesn't have a powerful arm either. I think he is a project that may or may not work out. I am pushing for may though.

    Heisman QB winners rarely works out in the NFL...

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    you know troy smith is pissed growing up in cleveland as a browns fan and getting drafted by the team no browns fan would ever want to play there

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    he is too small and underdeveloped for the NFL

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