How soon after having the baby can you take them out of the house?

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    AS soon as you like. As long as you aren't taking them to anyplace indoors with lots of people, like a mall (germ germ germs!), you're fine. Bndle the little bean up and take her for a walk! Just don't overdo.



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    Some people say that you should wait 6 weeks but that's really not practical for most of us. We took my daughter out in public when she was 10 days old. We had made a trip to grammas when she was 5 days old. I am 35 weeks pregnant with our second and my husband is a truck driver. Staying in for 6 weeks would be completely unrealistic for me since I am going to be pretty much on my own after this baby is born with a 2 year old as well.

    So what I'm trying to say is as soon as you feel comfortable with it. If you have to go get groceries then go get them. If your going stir crazy at the house, strap baby in the stroller and go for a walk. As long as the weather isn't extreme go have fun!

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    This is a culturally loaded question. Many cultures keep new babies and new mothers at home for anywhere from one to four months!

    In terms of just health though, a new baby can go out after just a few days because they can sleep anywhere. A new mother, on the other hand, may have to be more careful due to her own discomfort and need for rest. Besides, this is an intense time, physically and emotionally and time for the family to bond.

    The most important thing is for the mother to make the decision and do what is comfortable for her. Many women aren't comfortable letting their babies be passed around among strangers. And it's one thing to want to go to a wedding, or another big event, and another thing for a woman who has just given birth to sit through such an event. That said, second and later babies leave the house earlier than first-borns because the needs of their siblings have to be met too.

    Just keep your expectations for what you can accomplish with a newborn low, listen to your own body's need for rest and stay within your own comfort zone.

    Read the site linked to below for more information for new mothers.

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    As soon as you feel comfortable. Just think about it... You take them back to the Dr. a few days after they leave the hospital right? Thats the most germ filled place they could possibly encounter so why not take them other places. I would avoid staying outside for long periods if its hot or cold. Use your judgement. I took my son to Sams club on the way home from a appointment when he was 10 days old. A lady asked me how old he was and I told her. She actually freaked out on me in the middle of the store. She said I was a idiot and that my baby was going to die because youre not supposed to take them out for 3months! i told her in a kinda not nice way to mind her own business. I can't believe she would freak out like that! One of the first things you have to decide when you become a new parent is if you are going to be one of those parents that let other peoples opinions bother you. I try to say they don't bother me but sometimes they do. Im 25 years old but I look like im about 16-18 years old. I could'nt breastfeed because I have inverted nipples so I pump for him. I was feeding him with a bottle one day at the mall and I over heard a mother talking to her daughter. She said " Look at her... If she would have waited until she at least got out of high school maybe she could have at least had enough sense to know that formula makes babies stupid!" I turned around and she was looking at me! I kinda went off on her and she of course she said she was sorry but Im still kinda mad about it. You should always use your judgement with your child. Congradulations!!!

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    I took my son out when he was 1 week old, or less and continued to take him out.

    I know ppl say there are too many germs and stuff but how do you expect them to build a good immune system if they arenb't exposed to common air and bacteria. People will surely disagree with me but I think I am right.

    My first son who is 10 now got sick all the time when he was a baby and I rarely took him anywhere.

    And my second boy (15 months now) has NEVER been sick and he went out very regularly as an infant.

    This could be coincidence, but still you are not doing a baby harm to take him out. Just don't let strangers touch his face or hands too much becasue that is direct contact with germs and could cause him to get sick, people don't wash their hands as often as they should.

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    baby can go out immediately as long as you protect them from elements especially the wind! most have to go back for pku if it was a problem then doctors would keep in hospital until after this test was done. just keep covered well when going in and out doors. if the baby gets that wind caught in their lungs and stomach very painful causes cramps in them called colic. it'll hurt you more than them especially during night time. anytime is perfect use your judgement remember baby's don't come with books no way is the wrong way. you'll learn as time goes on each baby is unique! each needs something a little different. just have to remember what makes em happy just like your mate. enjoy it it'll go by real fast my baby's are 22 & 17

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    I waited about 4 weeks, and my baby was a healthy, full term newborn. I was scared about germs and things hurting him when he seemed small and fragile. I even missed the Christmas parties with my family. If I have another baby, I might not be as cautious. I'd say just make sure to stay away from big crowds, sick people, and stray animals. If possible, nurse the baby to give it a better immune system.

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    Although I am not a Dr. we took ours out ASAP. We couldn't stay inside for 4 weeks or whatever. We just made sure they were bundled up and covered in their car seats. It deterred people from 'hovering' over the new precious baby. The last thing any parent wants is their baby to be sick. IF you are comfortable taking them out now go ahead, if not wait. It's all up to you. Places with lots of people or lots of kids may be overwhelming for your baby and his immune system but the weather is getting so nice it wouldn't be a bad idea to introduce FRESH AIR!!! Good luck and congratulations!!

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    There isn't a set time, whenever you feel ready to venture out. Some people get so paranoid about germs and the such...just don't go to someone's house that has the flu or something lol. Your baby will be just fine, best of luck with your new little one :o)

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    Mine was a month old when I took her to the store with me for the first time. It really just depends on you, just don't let people touch the baby or get right into it's face because the baby can get sick faster then us. Make sure even with the family have them use hand sanitizer first! I did that with mine until she was 4 or 5 months old I think.

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    There isn't a rule book. It is how comfortable you feel. I know I avoided places like Wal-mart and stuff where maybe a lot of germs were going around. But, my baby went to the bank with me and of course we visited grandma's, etc. Like doesn't stop after having a baby, but you just have to cautious.

    Congrats on becoming a new mommy!!!

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