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What happens in"call forwarding" if the call is not answered?

Does it go to the original voicemail of the phone that the call was placed to? Does it go to the voicemail of the phone that the calls are being forwarded to? Or does it just keep ringing?

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    nothing, it just rings unless, you have it send to the voice mail...of the second number!!!!

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    Call Forwarding is occurring at the telephone companies switch not the actual phone. As long as the call forwarded number has voice mail or answering machine capabilities it will treated like a normal call. If it is not answered it is dropped not sent back to the original destination.

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    If the original phone was call forwarded to its own voicemail, how its incoming calls would go or be forwarded to another phone's voicemail? It would definitely go to its own voicemail only.

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    Voice mail.

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