Why plan 911 and then........??

If 911 was planned by jews or Bush or whoever, wouldn't it have been a really poor job? Why make the cover a plane crash and rely on "the fire" for weakening the superstructure? Knowing full well that people with no concept of physics would question this untill the day they die. I mean.. rosie says fire can't melt steel, do you think she will change her opinion any time soon. And if the demolition charges exploding were so easy to see isn't that really really poor planning? I mean, anyone could have guessed that someone might point a camera at this event.. right? Wouldn't it have been easier to just park two truck bombs in the basement? Or did they already do that under the guise of the blind shiek? Yeah.. that must be it.. they used that one already. And what did america gain from invading afghanistan? They should have just cut to the chase and framed iraq so they could only focus on the one country.

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    Stupid people don't use facts to reach a conclusion. Instead, they use emotion to work backwards from their conclusion looking for 'proof'.

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    I dont really care what Rosie says. The only thing Rosie knows about is how long it takes to order a thousand cheeseburgers. She's a traitor to your country and hopefully will be shunned by the public in time.

    I have never seen in my life 2 planes go into skyscrapers that tall until that day. Suddenly everyone becomes experts on why these buildings shouldn't have fallen. When they show me film evidence then I will listen.

    What I find amazing is that the conspiracy nuts actually watched all this happen live on the news and still believe it was set up. It makes you wonder about their intelligence on any matter known to planet earth.

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    It was all about money. How sad to think that the cost of human life means less to the Bush administration than making blood money. The only Jew that I am aware of in this entire conspiracy is Silverstein, the lease owner. He is a disgrace to the Jewish people and should be ex-communicated from the faith( if they do that). Real justice would be the immediate arrest of George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Condoleeza Rice, Karl Rove, George Tenet and Silverstein. That would be a great start...

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  • weller
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    4 years ago

    OMG i can not have self assurance you asked that! Hells ya! it type of feels stranglely astounding that he became into known by using a collection of random situations that portrayed him in a advantageous gentle. That mentioned...O no, gotta get the door. Whew! no longer the FBI, nevertheless with all their digital spying kit I wager they are going to be right here quickly. Now as to how he did it, I even have my concept, yet i'm probable on the FBI's blacklist already, so I won't write it right here.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well, one thing Rosie obviously doesn't realize. Is that those steel beams were shaped somehow. How does she think they were made into the shape they were in while the building was being built? Steel is melted into the shape. Once steel reaches a certain temperature, it will most certainly melt.

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    Rosie O'donnell?? Are you trying ask an intelligent question & the bring her into it? I stopped reading your question at that point...

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well, if Bush planned it, of course it was a really poor job. However, I don't think Bush planned it.

  • Joe M
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    1 decade ago

    I don't think that bush & co (even with the jews help) could pull off an attack like 9/11.

    They may have funnelled funds to the terrorist groups though - and assisted them with information, but I don't even buy that.

    Bush & co. did however ignore the warnings. And even once the attacks were underway - the preznit sat on his **** and listened to 'my pet goat' like an f'ing zombie.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Their is no need to worry about this evidence when you have people like you that won't believe facts

  • ?
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    1 decade ago

    we all talk of past but to date their is no known cure for crimes anywhere so the more you tell and talk it just opens more doors for those crimes.

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