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I am very slow & sluggish in mornings. What can I do to get more energy?

Please dont say 'coffee' or any candy-stuff, because that is out of the question. Like, should I do jumping-jacks or what?

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    Stretch...I used to have a hard time with mornings & I don't like to work out. So I stretch...It works great :) Do your first stretch standing get you out of bed.

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    You should try to get into a good sleeping routine, ie. going to bed and getting up at the same time every day and make sure you get enough sleep in the first place. Stretching is also good. You can take a cool shower or splash cold water on your face also. Jumping jacks could work too or any exercise. Usually the key is just to get yourself moving. If you just mope around in your pj's too long you will never wake up.

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    Get up about 1/2 hour earlier and exercise. Run, pushups situps, whatever. You will feel great after you take that first shower of the day after exercising.

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    My suggestion is to sing in the morning, to say a prayer and to think that we have a new wonderful day and you have to live it as the best human being on the planet Earth!

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    You could go to sleep earlier or wash your face in the morning I find that it really helps to wake you up in the morning

    Best bet though get more sleep

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    get up, eat a healthy breakfast -- eggs, toast, peanut butter, etc. Avoid caffeine and sugar.

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