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Know of a doctor in North Dallas, Tx area that is open to vbac?

I'm in the North Dallas area of Tx. My hubby and I are planning our next pregnancy. My first pregnancy resulted in a scheduled c-section because the baby was breech. I am interested in trying VBAC on the next one. I don't know how my last OBGYN feels about it, but she is 45 away and might not be on my new insurance. Was thinking of switching to someone closer. Know of good OBGYN in my area? (Garland, Plano area of North Dallas)


I am not dead set one way or the other. I just know I was very disappointed that I couldn't deliver last time and wanted to have options. I am also not keen on anything outside of the hospital. Call me chicken, but I want to be there where help is available.

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    i did not know vbac was a doc choise I though it was what it nessecary for a deliver

    what you need to do is to go the nearest hospital to you and ask about their OBGYN I am sure they will refer you to one or two once you make an appointment tell he/she about your experience and expalain what you want for your next pregnancy /birth

    Good luck

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    I don't know of any docs, but if you *really* want a vbac, I recommend choosing midwifery care. Most docs/obgyns will "let you" have a short trial labour and then they'll do a repeat C-Sec if they don't feel you're moving fast enough for them (sometimes no more than a few hours). I recommend reading the book "Ina May's Guide to Childbirth" and "Spiritual Midwifery" by Ina May Gaskin. :)


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    Do a search on the internet for VBACS. The percentage of women that have Uterine abruptions is higher then you tink. After reading it I would not do it. It risks you and the baby and who cares how it gets here. Many Dr's will not risk it now.

    ( going on third C-section)

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    I am in the waxahachie area and looked everywhere and could not find anyone on my insurance that would do it. In the end it would have not mattered though had to have an emergency c-section.

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