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What should I do with a dying guinea pig?

I have a 6 yr. 3 mo. old guinea pig that seems to be dying. He is very lethergic (not eating/drinking much, etc.). I realize that his time has probably come given the age. He doesn't seem to be in any pain. Should I just let him go on his own, or take him to a vet to be euthanized?

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    I'm not sure of the lifespan of a guinea pig but I know most dogs will stop eating and drinking when it is time to let go. I would at least see the vet; possibly there is something that can be done to help, other than just euthanizing him.

    I won't pretend to know what quality of life is for a guinea pig, but this article may help:

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    I feel your pain so much. I have had three guinea pigs, and two of them died. Daphnee, was sick when we purchased her from Petco. They did not tell us this. One day she was outside munching on grass, she was very quiet and slow. We took her inside and set her down out the floor. She tried to walk, and she was lop-sided. We rushed her to the vet. With Snoopy, her mate, well he had an upper respiratory disease. We decided to let Daph go, because we didn't want her to suffer. Snoopy died on his own. But your little piggy may be ready to go. He is quite old for a piggy... Sorry... :(

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    Your piggie may be SICK and not "dying"!

    Please take him to the vet ASAP. Just because he's old doesn't mean he might not have a couple of more years left! Lots of piggies live to eight!! Please find out what's wrong with him before you sentence him to death at your own hands (doing nothing). If you continue to let him not eat or drink, he will in fact die a painful, but possibly unnecessary death.

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    i comprehend how unhappy you will desire to be, pets could make you so chuffed, spending time with them, looking after them. yet all of us would desire to submit to in techniques that for the duration of a few unspecified time contained sooner or later all of us would desire to bypass away, and for some it would desire to come faster and for others later purely submit to in techniques each and all of the exciting you had with him. I continually believed that my pets bypass to the Rainbow Bridge, and survive a cloud and nibble away at grass and lettuce. Why do no longer you wait extremely, and then choose climate you like a clean Guinea pig. =/

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    Take it to the vet. If in fact it is dying, then they can put it to sleep in a human way instead if the animal suffering.

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    He might not be dieing. There might be another reason for your pet acting the way he is. When it doubt always take the animal to the vet. I mean honestly, how would you feel if someone just let you suffer without even trying to help you?

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    It is more humane to end your guinea pig's suffering especially if he is not eating or drinking much.

    Wsating away from starvation and dehydration is definitely not comfortable.

    Bring him to a vet. If you wish to try one last shot, your vet might be able to help you.

    Otherwise please be firm and know that u are actually helping him by euthanising him.

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    If he's not in pain, and you're ok with it, let nature take it's course. Hold him, pet him gently, keep him clean and comfortable and he'll go when he's ready.

    If he get's agitated or appears to be uncomfortable, please take him to the vet so he doesn't suffer needlessly. Good luck and give him a pat for me, too. :)

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    if you don't want to see it die, take it to the vet, or you could just wait till it dies, then bury it, My cat killed mine. But I think that you should just let it go, then it would at least get a look of you before it died, closure, you know?

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    i know how you fell if he doesn't suffer lets him sleep by himself but try to adopt a new one you heart is ready to love a new one

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