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Dou you know anything about yeast infections?

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    Go Commado!! Go at least 12 hours a day without your underwear if you don't feel comfortable giving them up all together, and you will really see a difference. I haven't had an infection in 5 years!

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    1)Monstat 1 will take the infection away immediately.

    2)Try a diet low in sugar and bread, which only support the infection.

    3)Eat yogurt, salads, fresh greens and drink cranberry juice. They can help clean your system.

    4)Avoid wearing tight pants, thongs, and bottoms.

    5)Never douche. Vagina's have their own internal cleaning bacteria.

    6) Whip front to back, not the other way around.

    7) Make sure your partner isn't the one with the infection. Males can have it to.

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    Get a dr. appt at your local clinic if possible, they can prescribe you a one time pill that clears it up, just 1 pill! Id you don't got insurance the pill costs like $25 tho. Otherwise, eats loads of plain yogurt, you can even stick yogurt up in there because it has live active cultures which clears the bacteria. Its messy but i've tried freezing yogurt into the fingers of a rubber glove and then inserting it like you would a tampon and let it melt. don't stand up for a little bit after you do it. Also monistat will help but takes a few days.

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    Try the over-the-counter remedies. If that doesn't start working within the first day after, see your doctor. Mine wouldn't go away and it turned out I'm diabetic which cuts down on my ability to resist infections. If it hadn't been for the infection, I probably wouldn't have found out so quickly.

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    Go to the doctor to be sure. they can give u the real medince for what problem may be. Also try wearing 100% cotton panties to let your kitty cat breath.

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