Low virtual memory when running DVD burner program?

I have a windows XP with 90GB memory and 512 ram. I was using a DVD burning app. I have used before with no problems. It got large and I got a notice that I was "out of memory" and later saw a "low on virtual memory" notice. Now most of my programs shut down or get error notices. My hard drive has 25GB left. Any advice on freeing up my RAM? It seems something is taxing it greatly. Should I defrag my files? Restore my PC to a previous time? Is it possible that each time this program loads it uses RAM and doesn't return it? And if so how could I fix this?? I have gone to 'msconfig' but its difficult to determine which programs I need to run at startup and which program might be killing me. Any ideas?


I don't get to the burn DVD stage, it brings up all the work I have done but when I click on some of the files it says "out of memory", and when it loads it loads VERY slow, so I know it is using RAM which is ridic. since I have 512. I noticed that I have about 13 programs that go on when I start my PC I just always thought I had to have them. This may be a cause.

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    you should do 2 things

    firstly set the virtual memory to system managed by

    1. press [win key] + [pause/break]

    2. goto advanced tab and in performance -> press settings

    3. then in that box goto advanced and press change

    4. select the system managed radio button instead of the other two( no paging file or custom size)

    5. press set

    6. ok -> ok -> ok

    secondly your program may be crashing becoz of some corrupted file so reinstall the software

    if the problem persists get a newer version.

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    Virtual memory is space on the hard drive that is used like RAM. It is called virtual because it is being used like the physical RAM, but is not really RAM. You can increase your virtual memory, but the ideal solution would be to get AT LEAST a gig of RAM in the computer.

    Also, you may want to consider a different app or burn method. You may be able to configure a software solution so that the program is not as resource intensive. Make sure everything else is closed before you begin burning (possibly even antivirus).

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    RAM (random access memory) gets flushed every time you reboot your computer. Its is completely separate from your hard drive disk space (although when you run out of ram programs will start using your hard drive as virtual memory)

    These are some things you can try

    1) close all other programs when burning

    2) try to burn at a lower speed

    3) its possible your drive has gone bad

    4) buy more ram

    also as far as msconfig the only thing that should be starting when your computer starts is your anti virus, anti spyware, and firewall programs every thing else should be disabled.

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    try to increase you Virtual memory size, keep in mind that would depends how big is your hard drive.

    and also you can do reinstall your program like other people suggested.

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    You do seem to be running out of disk space

    Defrag all your drives even if the XP Disk Defragmenter may tell you otherwise.

    Don't use system restore right now ..it will only hog up more disk space.

    Read this:http://wiki.castlecops.com/Malware_Removal_and_Pre...

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