Do I need to remove the old, chipping paint before repainting my garage?

My garage is in serious need of painting. The old paint is all chipping off. Will I need to remove it before I repaint? What's the best (easiest and cheapest) way to remove it?

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    1 decade ago
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    You'll defintely want to remove it or your new paint 1. wont look smooth and 2. will just be forced to chip off due to the old chipping. If its really flaking bad, a power washer will take lots of it off. But then elbow grease is the only way I know to get the rest. Find you a big scrapper and get busy. Good luck and happy painting :)

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    You'll need to remove the chipped paint before repainting your garage. A wire brush will do the trick or if the chipped paint isn't too bad, you can use some sand paper.

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    I would definately recommend removing it, it will look much nicer if you do....

    I would think that you might be able to use a power washer and that might get the really loose paint off nicely.

    I've never had to do that myself though.

    Or you can always ask someone at Home Depot or Lowes or wherever you go to get the paint what the easiest way to go about doing it would be.

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    Unfortunately, you will have to chip off as much as you can...and sand everything else until it is smooth. Do use an excellent quality primer also, otherwise you will get a very ugly and lumpy result. You can have the primer tinted to the color of your finished paint, that cuts some time.

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    what is the garage made of wood, tin, what? If it's wood sand it down with a sander then repaint then make sure u seal it afterwards. if you are talking about the door to the garage and its aluminum or metal of some sort scrap it off with a scrapper and repaint.

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    1 decade ago

    Yes, you need to remove chipping paint. I'd suggest power washing, then you still might have to scrape it. Sounds like a lot of work!

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    Scrape off the old paint with a paint scraper or 6" putty knife. They also make a wheel that you can use in a drill. It has 6 stiff metal splines in a row. 8 rows to a wheel?

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    Power washer is quickest and easiest. Then you need to let the wood dry and prime it before painting. I will warn you, it does make a mess. I laid down tarps before I started and then, after the tarps dried, emptied them into the trash.

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