Purchase and Sale Agreement in Georgia?

I'm working on a preforeclosure and wanted to know if I should use a generic purchase and sale agreement. And if it's a good idea to use generic forms period.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    If your the buyer I would suggust more homework before your first gig. If your the buyer, check to see if you have any alternatives before signing anything. There had been reports of these where the seller rented the house from the buyer and wound up on the street a few months later. AND DONT PAY ANYTHING UPFRONT!!!!

  • 1 decade ago

    Two things. One get your self a real estate licensee that is reputable and has done foreclosures before, it's a tricky business, I know, we do them all the time. Besides the agent in most cases will be paid by the seller or the seller's listing agent.

    Second if you feel that working with a licensee is out of the question hook up with a title company. They can provide you with real estate forms that they use.

    Of course our opinion is that you should as a minimum have an attorney and as you know opinions are like lawyers everyone has one.

    Foreclosure acquisitions are fun and can be very lucrative. It is too bad that someone lost the property.

    We wish you success

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