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To all singers... HELP!!!!?

hi i'm 15 years old and i want to be a professional singer when i grow up. but i have a few questions...there's a chest voice and head voice... is there a middle voice? my vocal coach tells me to use my middle voice even for the high notes but after i sing for about 1 hour my throat hurts the following day.

is it normal? for how long should i practice per day? when i use the so called middle voice it's as if my voice has no melody you know? it doesn't sound very good but i'm not sure if it's because i only started using my middle voice about 6 months ago and still hasn't gotten used to it. Help??!!

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    Sonny, middle voice is just something to simplify the whole concept of chest voice and head voice. Some vocal coach prefer that term to teach things easier. When you use you Head Voice, it doesn't mean you abandon your Chest Voice completely and vice versa. That's why they introduce the term of Middle Voice.

    What makes me more concerned is your statement that you've been practising middle voice to sing those high notes for 6 months, and still your throat hurts the following day. If you said for few days or weeks, that's all normal. But for 6 MONTHS? Either you keep doing it wrong for the whole six months, or you've chosen such incompetent Vocal Coach to train you. Personally, I'll advice you to grab your coat, not leave any money on the piano, and run for the door.

    It's not how LONG you should practice per day.... it's how MUCH you've learned everyday! Quality is more important than quantity! I don't care if you practice for 1 minute, 1 hour, or even 1 full day. If you couldn't learn anything there, you're just wasting your time!

    No melody? And your Vocal Coach don't give you any hint why or practical advice to improve your vocal? Are you sure you're using middle voce? You're not mistaken with falsetto, screaming, or even yelling, aren't you? No offense, but do you really have talent in singing? If you're such tone deaf.... case closed. I could only say: Good Luck! Your road to go pro will be VERY rocky indeed.... But, if you DO have talent in singing, you must've done something really wrong there....

    Listen, sonny. I don't want to offend you here. But, 6 months without improvement for Middle Voice only is very-very wrong. Have you consulted any other competent Vocal coach or Pro singer for advice? Or you're just relying your own "Vocal coach" here? I'm quite sad that I couldn't hear your vocal directly. If not, I could give you a hint or two....

    Anyway, what kind of pro singer you wannabe? Professional pop singer, opera singer, cabaret singer or else? It's nothing, I just want to remind you that each and everyone of them have such different style of singing. You need to specify more about your dream. Once again, good luck, sonny! You're just 15. You still have lots of opportunity in front of you. Just believe in yourself, learn from your mistake in the past, and walk forward towards your own future!

    Source(s): I'm professional Cafe singer and Wedding singer. I also sing in church and college choir. Believe me, to be such a pro singer, you need more than just training with vocal coach and mere practice everyday. Rejection would be such common thing. There's no free lunch! You need very broad experience in singing in front of many kind of audience, and learn the value of humility (especially while dealing with critique: both positive and negative feedbacks!). Most -if not all- audience hate arrogant and cocky singer! Even talent show like American Idol is not such a shortcut to achieve your American Dream. Only few people seem to understand that, sonny. I hope you're also one of them....
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    First of all, I want to know what your teacher has been telling you! Yes, there is a middle voice, but people rarely use it. It's very difficult. You want to focus on chest and head voice for now. They will determine your true range. Middle voice is much more of a stylistic thing, for fancy stuff to not strain your voice. You won't need it until you get into very hard music.

    About the throat hurting, yes it would be normal after a week or month of practice, but not 6 month. The first thing I would do would be talk to another vocal teacher, maybe a school choir teacher. A lot of local "teachers" really don't know what the heck they're saying!

    If your voice has no pronounced melody in middle voice, stop trying to use it. Even the most tone-deaf people can hear when you're not using middle voice properly. This is most likely the case. Continue working on your chest and head voice, until you need an in-between place to rest for harder stuff.

    The thing you need to do the most is find a new teacher! This one is obviously not good for you. Next time, also ask them for records of past experience. More than haf of the advertised coaches are just making crap up to make some money.

    Source(s): sing in a proffesional choir
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    If your throat hurts after singing, it means you are doing something wrong. I second the suggestions of finding a different teacher. The term "vocal coach" is generally reserved for pianists that help singers with repertoire, language and stylistic problems. You need to go to a voice teacher, which is someone primarily trained as a singer.

    Another term for what your coach is calling "middle voice" is "passaggio." This is the most difficult part of your voice to learn, and depending on your voice type you may not figure it out for many, many years. At your age you should focus on repertoire that does not hang out for long periods of time in the passaggio. One exercise I might suggest is doing sighs and sirens.

    To do a sigh, start at the highest pitch you can produce and slide smoothly all the way to the lowest pitch you can produce. You should be able to do this without any noticable break. A siren is similar, except you start at the bottom of your range, slide all the way to the top, then slide back down. These also make good warm-ups.

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    if your voice hurts- tell your teacher, if he doesnt change what he is doing, FIND ANOTHER TEACHER!

    i cannot stress enough how many underqualified voice teachers there are out there. Go to your local university and ask for thier recommendation - dont go to just anyone (no yellow pages - even high school teachers can recommend really bad teachers)!

    Sorry for the ahh, it just really frustrates me that there are so many teachers out there pretending to know what they are talking about and ruining kids voices.

    bottom line - anything that hurts your voice/throat is BAD. and WRONG. it will not result in good singing in the short term and will ruin your voice in the long run.

    If he is telling you to use your "middle voice" for high notes, he may be telling you not to sing in your falsetto - because that is kind of considered cheating - but if the way he is trying to get you there hurts, i repeat, find someone else!

    (also your voice isnt like a muscle - it isnt supposed to get sore and then better again)

    Source(s): vocal performance major at university
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    I sing too. I know your vocal points are like muscles... when I lift weights and my muscles get soar I wait a day or two before I lift using that muscle group again . same thing goes with your voice. the advice is to take a break one in a wile to allow your vocal points to heal you dont want to end up like Rod Stewart or Brian Adams do you? It could be possible too that your singing wrong.

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    I would agree with the other answerer: if it hurts you aren't singing properly and should move to a voice TEACHER not a coach--you need help with the basics, ie breathing, switching registers etc....

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    im 14 and i practice for like 6-7 howers or till i loose my voice ur middle voce is like the messo range also i think its abslotle nomal for ur throte to hurt the next day i find if u use the spray stuff it helps num the pain like the stuff the school nurce givs u in elemtry school also gargling with salt water helps

    god luck

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    If it hurts, then you are not singing properly. Get another vocal coach.

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    I suggest you go to to the forums.A lot of people can help you there.

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