Which is cheaper,A cell phone bill or a land line bill?

I am going to be living on my own soon and I am going to need a way to contact people through phone.I Would like to know which is more afordable..a cell phone or a land line phone..?

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    I think it depends on what you need the phone for really. If you tend to spend a lot of time on the phone then landlines are the way to go since they offer a flat rate per month and you don't have to worry about going over your minutes. But, if you tend to call people that are farther away and like to be able to call no matter where you are then cell phones are the way to go. I chose to get a cell phone instead of a land line. My mother-in-law lives two states away, so when I'm talking to her it's much cheaper to call her from my cell phone than it would be if I had a land line and called her from it regardless of how long we stay on the phone.

    Really though I think that unless you have more than one reason for a land line (i.e. don't want people to be able to call you when you aren't home, plan on getting dial-up internet, etc.), they aren't really any better than a cell phone anymore. You can get a decent cell phone plan for the same price as a land line and be able to use your phone when and where ever you want instead of having to be home to use it, and except for a few weak spots cell phone coverage is available pretty much everywhere now.

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    vonage can be the cheapest but you need broadband Internet.

    Cell phone is the most practical for the money. Most people get the land line and then 6 months latter they get the cell phojne and end up paying two bills. just get the cell phone and pay one bill $40 a month or so.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Landline. But of course that's the only place you can get calls to and from.

    If that's the way you go, you can get long distance for 2.5Cents/min without monthly charges through http://www.ecg1.com/

    IF you have broadband access there, check lingo.com (VoIP). They have a special of $17.95 for unlimited free calling in the USA, Canada and 21 additional countries.

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    get a track phone, they are pretty cheap, almost the cheapest you can get, land lines and other cell phones vary from company to company.

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    in case you call someones elses homestead...and that they have got caller identity they could have the potential to be certain your quantity. in the event that they have not got caller identity and be certain to be certain issues out... the telephone corporation can tell the place the call got here from.. while you're doing some thing and don't decide for to get caught... greater suitable no longer take the prospect.... good success ....and be magnificent !

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    Landline, you don;t have to connect wirelessly or have anithing bouce of satel;ittes. Simplay 1 very long complicated wire

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