why does it hurt so much when you breakup with someone you love? why is it that you think about them so much,?

why does it feel that i love them more than when you was with them, and why does it take so long to get over him? why do i feel that they were the only one for me, my soulmate? even though he treated me so bad? was i blind? was it love? what is love? i am confused?

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    1 decade ago
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    Dear Mimi,

    What you felt with them is love, and letting them go really hurts! And you only realize how much you love them after they're gone.

    It really hurts breaking up with someone you love because you got used depending on him, your world revolving around him. When it's all over, it feels like everything just fall apart, that life wouldn't be the same again.

    What i want you to realize, is that whatever you experience with that person, whether it is good or bad, should not be regretted. What you are right now, wouldn't be as great without them.

    The men who come and go into your life have important roles and missions. When they're done with those roles, they have to leave you. But, there will be one man who will come into your life, and will never ever leave you. And i hope you find him.

    Don't hang on too long.. But don't let go too soon!

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    It's normal to feel this way....but it isn't normal to except the fact that some things are just not meant to be.

    You need to move on...the less you think about him and get on with life, the faster you will heal.

    Blind you are not...

    Yes you loved him - he didn't love you

    Love is feeling that storm that weathers the storm

    Your not confused your just feeling sorry for yourself -playing the role of victim...

    Get on with your life....there are so many single men walking this earth looking for love just as you are.

    Get out over the ex...you might just bump into your future love!

  • 1 decade ago

    Love and hate are so close together you loved what could have been but you hate what was. I have been there more times then i will admit. Beleive me when i say there is better on the way for you this was just a trial and get ready for the real thing cause it will be coming

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    it does feel that way. but sometimes u gatta remember why u left that person and why u shudnt go back. that person may have meant the world to u, but not u to them since they were doing wrong. it just hurts but in due time someone better will come along and u will learn from experience so that u wont get yaself trapped in something like that again.

    Source(s): experienced it myself a few times.
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  • 1 decade ago

    love hurts no matter what other people say, love mixed with missin them is why the pain feels stronger. you mostly was used to him. live bye the quote, "if you love something sit it free if it comes back it is ment to be"

  • 1 decade ago

    hey dear, cuz u loved him so much! even u don wanna to lose him, cuz u think u will with him 4eva, will share wif him everything about u, don even wanna leave him.

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