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hi wazup??? what do u do when u loose a bet but the consiquence is horrible?

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    If you knew the consequences of the bet before making it, and you still agreed to the terms, then you are obliged to follow them.

    Now, it may really suck, but you made you deal, and you expected the other person to do something equally as bad if they lost, so there is not much else you can do.

    If it is something illegal, or something that can harm you, you really should have thought it through before agreeing in the first place.

    I avoid it by not making bets unless I like the terms.

    Best of luck to you.

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    You should hold up to the knew the consequences when you made it .

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    you have to suck it up and the the consequence no matter what it is. you took the chance in doing it, besides later on you will laugh about it!

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    I suppose you regret ever making that bet.

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    Stand true too your word pay up , Your word is your bond.

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    Go for double or nothing.

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    dont do it

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