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can anybody train me with math?, it getting me really having hard time to solve it?

i am having hard time to solve my problem but it really hard for me to do so anybody is very, very, very good at math?

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    If you are in h.s. they often times have math tutors either from some sort of math honor society or national honor society that can help you.

  • lot
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    it somewhat is a complicated situation, yet i think of the final element to do, may well be to bypass and consult together with her, in case you sense you could. Ask her in case you could schedule a meeting together with her, and ask for yet another instructor/college mate to be present. in case you verify to try this, then i want to propose which you apologise to her for any ill feeling, and which you experience that there is an environment between you, and that's the least element which you need. clarify which you're there to paintings complicated, and that even with any circumstances that have arisen interior the previous, that that's now your substantial concentration, and you will like the rest to be placed aside, so as which you the two can talk approximately what's maximum extreme, practise. it somewhat is complicated to comprehend how she will react, yet by utilising apologising she will do no longer something yet settle for it, and if the rest happens, then you somewhat would be waiting to work out extra for sure if there somewhat is ill feeling from her, or possibly you sense gentle bearing directly to the situation. solid luck.

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    Post an example of the type of problem you're stuggling with. It's hard to help when we don't know what you need help with. If you want, email me a specific question through my profile and I'll see if I can help you.

  • Ray
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    it depends on what level of math you are talking about. I help many students daily..... because i teach math. but it is high school math and not the college upper level mathmatics. I have taught college algebra. if i can help you i would be happy to do so.

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