I want to know about blood clot and heat at the back of the head?

What could cause the feeling of hotness at the back of the head?

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  • dat93
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    1 decade ago
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    If this is a clot then, it is an emergency situation. Change of temperature and pain is a sign of DVT. They can trat the clot, but do not rub it. a piece can break off and cause a stroke. Please get medical attention! They can give you Low Monicular weight heprin to thin the blood, which BTW ice will slow blood flow which is not what you want!

    Source(s): I am a Multiple Stroke survivorwith a clotting disease
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    Hi Joyo. I suffer with the hot head, but it is because I have gone through menopause. Definitely not a clot. You would know if you had a clot as you would have a huge headache and dizziness. The cold packs at the back of the neck help, and take half a disprin every second day to thin the blood. Especially if you are menopausal. Take care.

  • jhvnmt
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    1 decade ago

    heat is a common indication of inflammation. icing it would help.

    what are you asking about blood clots? do you have a history of blood clots?

    add'l... ice does not slow blood flow. it causes vasoconstriction (blood cells constrict or get smaller) which allows the blood to flow more freely out of the area, thereby decreasing the inflammation. Now if it is a clot, I agree with the first answerer, rubbing it could be very dangerous. If this is a concern for you and is very persistent or lasts more than just a few days, and ice doesn't help, you should see your doctor.

    Source(s): alternative healthcare professional for 6 yrs.
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    Obviously you are very concerned that this could be a blood clot. I advise you see your medical doctor as soon as possible. Many times heat In the head can be coming from hormonal imbalances in the body. ask your doctor to check your Hormone balances.

    place an ice pack at the back of your neck for fifteen minutes frequently throughout the day. This will help.

    Source(s): Retired doctor of Naturopathic medicine
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